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  1. PC [Alpha] Endless Conflict [Co-Op] [F2P]

    Fight in the Endless Arena and never turn back! Past the year 427, in Errat, land of brainless multicolor warriors. They lived in a continious war until one day, when a farmer, curiously foreigner too, told them a way to solve their conflicts or just kick the crap out of each other's butts. Everyone on the land accepted this new way. But let's just quit this boring s***. To the ARENA! Endless Conflict is an online-fighting game where you can test out your brain and skills against your friends. Fight them the best way you can, using crazy power-ups and making amazing tactics, or just give them the Axe! Choose between different classes and customizations to your warrior and make it yours. Oh! And controller supported for those who always complain about "I'm better on controller" No matter your play-style, more skilled in combat, or more clever on tactics, you can easily adapt your own gameplay method to the Arena. Ah! And Solo-Player, we didn't forget you! You can also enjoy our PvE mode and the hilarious Co-Op campaign of this crazy and brainless world! And of course, if your friends want to come, they can play too in our vsIA :handjoystick: THE GAME IS IN EARLY STAGE, MAY BE BUGGED :handanykey:
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