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  1. Anime Motargam

    Flappy Box (alpha)

  2. Anime Motargam

    Flappy Box (alpha)

    I'm sorry for replying so late, I was a bit busy with college. First I would like to thank you to give some of your time to read and replay to this thread. I did really think about that, but the issue is that I don't know what genre my game is lol. If u could help me with that it would be nice. I have tried so many music from YouTube I played the music while playing, and didn't find anything that would fit my game. here is a video for the game: (note: I just used a random rock music from YouTube tracks)
  3. Anime Motargam

    Flappy Box (alpha)

    You are a box that has the ability to move in 2 directions. Top right or bottom right. you have dodge every single obstacle in your way. (you play by tapping space bar) This is really early stage of developing, so I'm sorry that the game is short. The reason of why I uploaded this game at its current state, is because that I want you to suggest some music for my game. I can't keep developing without having a music to listen to while testing it!!!!!! plz help lol. I attached the game if u can't downloaded it here is a link below to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kbytxqktw3cxpb6/Flappy Box.exe Flappy Box.exe Video for the game:
  4. Anime Motargam

    Test My Game

    I really wanna do that, but I only used that editor for 3 hours which is the total time that I spent to make this game. I tried to make the game as you said, but I failed. I'm trying to look for tutorials, but still didn't find good one yet.
  5. Anime Motargam

    Test My Game

    lol any feedbacks?
  6. Anime Motargam

    Test My Game

    Hi, I made a game with gamesalad and I want you guys to give me your feedback about it. game's video: game's Link: How to play: -Press Spacebar to jump -Evade walls and try to finish all 21 stages
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