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  1. Novadude987

    I'm dreaming too high?

    They didn't really break the canon at all. They turned to Tolkien's writings for the character. Tolkien himself described the character as an "evil being in spider form". Shelob basically sounds like a shapeshifter, and in an effort to make the character more prominent decided to give her a humanoid appearance.
  2. Novadude987

    What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    I believe you guys are getting off-topic To answer Matthew Birdzell I would have to say Resident Evil 7, released January 24th, 2017. Capcom was in a rough spot with their #1 survival-horror franchise after Resident Evil 6 received mediocre reviews (I for one enjoyed the hell out of the game). They took a dangerous gamble with Resident Evil 7 by returning to it's roots while also making the game 1st-person, but it payed off and the game was wildly successful, saving one of my favorite franchises from getting the axe. The game has certainly earned my GOTY award.
  3. Novadude987

    I'm dreaming too high?

    If you wanted to make a game of AAA quality, its basically impossible unless you have 100 devs and a couple million dollars. Game development is always going to be very difficult for one person, as they alone have to implement programming, writing, artwork, animation, AI, marketing, etc. Unless you have the money to pay people it is going to be a long, tough, frustrating road. Especially if you are starting from scratch and have no prior knowledge in Game Development. There is a silver lining to this condescending statement of mine though Many game engines such as Unity and Unreal offer a plethora of good, cheap (many times free), easy tutorials that can teach you everything you need to know. You can also find many experienced contractors around here who will help you with your game for free in exchange for royalties on your profits. It is a long, hard, wretched hive of scum and villainy that will only be worth it if you are truly passionate about making games. So to answer your question: No you aren't dreaming too high, but it will take time and practice... and a little bit of help wouldn't hurt.
  4. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    I agree. I am very happy with all of the responses though. It is good to see that some people share my viewpoints, and the idea of cosmetic microtransactions affecting gameplay is not lost on me. Thanks for all of your responses!
  5. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    This I can agree with, but your posts don't come off as being about this. It seems more like you are trying to say that cosmetic microtransactions are more detrimental to the game industry than weapons, armor, etc. I don't believe that I said that people are pissed paying $60 for a AAA game. I merely said that no game is TRULY perfect and there will always be that group of people who are angry about the flaws. For example, let's use Resident Evil 6. I enjoyed RE6. Liked the story, gameplay, characters, etc. I thought that it was completely worth the $60 I paid for it. However, soon after playing it, many people started going on forums about how terrible the game was, and even stating that Resident Evil is dead. I enjoyed it, and didn't see any problems with it, but there was that group of people that did. I mean hell, people are still ripping on RE7 for the overhaul of Chris Redfield's face. Ok so to add on to the original debate question, I have another question for you guys. -Can companies like EA redeem themselves after a fallout like Battlefront 2's microtransactions?
  6. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    Again... you are calling our views "opinionated" as if that means something. This entire statement of yours is "opinionated". If you are just going to dumb down everything Hodgman said to it being "an opinionated view" then perhaps you are forgetting the purpose of debates. How exactly did you showing a company making profits from cosmetic microtransactions prove that cosmetic microtransactions "affect gameplay as much as purchasing guns or characters, if not more." ? Just because many people buy them doesn't mean they are equally/more important than the rest. That's like saying that "Purina Dog Chow" is the best dog food because many more people buy it than people buy "Orijen". (Purina Dog Chow is god-awful for your dog by the way). I believe, but have no proof, that the reason people shrug off that argument is because cosmetics giving other teams advantages to the point where they are Pay-to-win is very very rare. The only one I can think of isn't even a microtransaction. Bungie had to change the team colors in their Halo tournaments because red players were easier to spot than blue players.
  7. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    Funny that you call Hodgman's statements opinion-based when you yourself have been doing it throughout the thread...
  8. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    A statement meant to inform should be backed by facts, not opinionated statements. Good lord! I couldn't imagine spending that kind of money
  9. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    See I have literally zero problems with those microtransactions. Especially since the game is free to download. In fact, I don't see why costume microtransactions are a big problem for some people. Especially since they are less "microtransactions" and more "dlc". They are an add-on for the base game and are completely optional. Uuhhhh... I wouldn't call me playing a game and saying "hey these graphics are great" being hypnotized or brainwashed. Also, tell me how Minecraft's sole purpose is graphics and sounds. I'm lead to believe that many other games rely on things like story, character development, and gameplay. Forgive me but I can't help feeling that you were grasping at straws with this post.
  10. Novadude987

    Video Game Writing Preferences?

    Did they shut down Celtx or something?
  11. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    Thanks for the link. Never played the game or seen gameplay myself. Are the characters merely cosmetic or do they have different stats/abilities? Just curious I don't think the article specified. My thoughts exactly man. No matter what people are going to get pissed off. AAA's most practiced PR stunt seems to have to be damage control. All a company can do is minimize the anger as much as possible.
  12. Novadude987

    Need feedback for project named NOWhere

    Your trailer needs to be more exciting, maybe add some audio dialogue and music? I also am not sure what the game is really about from said trailer. You should definitely improve it. Other than that (and the change of name) I think you have a pretty decent game on your hands.
  13. Novadude987

    Another Game Concept Critique

    I agree. Definitely getting that Final Fantasy vibe.
  14. Novadude987

    Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    Where is your proof of devs "making a fortune" off of comsetic microtransactions? This is true, but there have been ENTIRE GAMES based off of cosmetic microtransactions such as PSHome, Second Life, etc. Cosmetic microtransactions are the easiest way for devs to generate extra revenue without the risk of pay-to-win microtransactions. The game industry has the luxury of having an incredibly active and vocal community. If a microtransaction is unfair or exploitative, there will be LOADS of refunds, lost customers, backlash, and just overall bad PR. Just look at EA, who is hairs away from losing their contract with Disney, as well as most of the Battlefront fan base. To sum it up: Microtransactions aren't going to "destroy the game industry" for the simple fact that consumers won't let it.
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