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  1. Recommended Software for Nonlinear RPG?

    I apologize, didn't quite understand the question. It is a 2d game with an open world to explore. Now as for what I want with the branching dialogue, think of Bethesda's rpg's. An npc will make a statement or ask a question, and you will have a list of options or "responses" to choose from. I just need to know if there is a certain software for doing so?
  2. Recommended Software for Nonlinear RPG?

    Well I've made a few little side projects, but this is my first full-fledged game. I'm for branching stories like the ones in bethesda's rpg's, where one choice you make can impact the later parts of the game. I like Twine as well, I just don't really know if I could implement it into dialogue, or if it is just like an interactive story book. Am I making any sense?
  3. Good afternoon guys! So I was looking all over the internet yesterday and I couldn't find a definitive answer to my question. I am building a nonlinear rpg (an rpg with branching paths and diologue) and it is currently just in the "pen and paper" stages of the project. I'm trying to figure out what software to use for this, if there is any. I have been messing around with Twine, but I don't think that is suitable... am I wrong in thinking this? As always, all replies are appreciated and thank you for reading.
  4. How To Make a Video Game Press Kit?

    Sweet! Thanks for clearing up some confusion for me. I've read countless articles about them, they were just kinda vague about whether they should be digital or physical.
  5. I was researching marketing strategies employed by the gaming industry when I came across something called a "press kit". If anyone on this forum has experience with them, could you enlighten me on a few questions? First off, should my press kit be a physical kit, digital kit, or both? Second, should a press kit be accessible to everyone (via an easily findable url) or should I only send a press kit to an intended recipient? As always I appreciate any replies, and you guys are awesome.
  6. Experiences With The Gamebryo Engine?

    Thank you all very much for your replies. It was always my intention to go with Unity 5, then possibly Unreal 4 later, but I was just researching my options and happened across it. I will be honest I was considering getting in touch with Gamebryo but after you guys' helpful comments I think I will stay loyal to Unity. You guys are the best!
  7. I was recently investigating potential game engines the other day when I stumbled upon the Gamebryo engine. Videos and tutorials of this game engine were very scarce and it prompted me to post this topic. Is Gamebryo outdated or is it a good game engine? If it is a decent game engine, how does their pricing work? Any responses are appreciated.
  8. Any free 3d Game creation programs out there?

    Agree with Alex. I believe that when it comes to free ones, the personal version of Unity5 is the cream of the crop. Asset store, tons of tutorials and classes available, C# is damn good in my opinion, etc.
  9. Hello From a New Member!

    I appreciate the advice guys!
  10. Hello From a New Member!

    Hey guys! Me and an associate recently started an independent game company and I stumbled across this forum when I googled art tablets. I liked the community and I found a wonderful tablet thanks to you guys. If you have any advice for a newcomer like me, I would appreciate you sharing.