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  1. From what you posted, doesn't sound like the coding aspect of this would be too complicated. You probably could find a college CS major to help you with the coding for much less than a professional developer.
  2. mhnj7

    3D or 2D Stealth?

    I'm in agreement with third person. Metal Gear is one of the best stealth series ever made, in my opinion.
  3. Been doing a lot of research about GameMaker and Unity. I've decided to go with Unity as it's more powerful and something I can see using more long term. Sure it has a steeper learning curve but probably not as much as starting out with LibGDX. And there are tons of learning resources for Unity.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I've just downloaded Unity and getting started with the tutorials.
  5. Ok, so first a bit of background on me. I'm almost 40 years old, I've been in IT networking/systems admin for around 14 years, mostly DDI work. I know scripting in bash and Perl. In high school I taught myself some C programming and in college learned a little bit of C++ back in the late 90's. I dropped out of college in 98 and only recently returned to school. Currently working towards degree in Computer Science. My courses have given me a lot of basic knowledge in Java. This semester I'm taking Data Structures & Algorithms in Java. So that sums up my level of programming knowledge. I'm comfortable enough to make a text based black jack game in Java. What I really want to know is, best route to go from here? I've been considering spending time learning gamemaker, but wonder if it's better to just focus my time on learning LibGDX since I'm already familiar with Java. Any advice is greatly appreciated. BTW...My interest right now is personal indie development, like Android apps. Maybe one day I can move into full time game dev career, but right now I'm too far in my current career track (pay wise) to make a complete change.
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