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  1. Patapo

    2D RPG Development (Sword of Mana)

    I've decided to pursue C#/Unity because eventually (a LONG way down the road) if I am able, I would like to dabble in 3D. I found a book or two on amazon for it as well and from what I've researched (and been told here) is that it is one of the easiest languages to learn - as well, it is a good stepping stone if I ever want to pursue learning other languages. Thanks again everybody for all the advice - I was expecting a lot less than I received!
  2. Patapo

    2D RPG Development (Sword of Mana)

    Will do man! Thanks for all the advice!
  3. Patapo

    2D RPG Development (Sword of Mana)

    I don't want this to get convoluted but I'll try to articulate what I mean in a better way - I understand that everything is interconnected and that nothing that I do will ever be from original or from scratch (thanks for reminding me how insignificant I am lol) - that being said, what I meant was more simple - I want to do it all myself. When I say, "myself," I don't mean, "all by myself." I learn better when I do it myself, using my own hands. When I press left on the control stick and my character, as well as the background behind him moves - I want to know what goes behind that and I want to be able to know how to program that. I shouldn't have even brought up money haha, the only reason I did was to make the point that I want this more as a hobby, for fun, without the thought of ever trying to make money with it. More in line with the spirit of art, being creative, and disciplining myself enough to try and finish a goal. I have a good idea where to start with the artwork (thanks again jpetrie), and with music. So, to get to the heart of it, and to make it simple for myself as a beginner - where should I begin learning for programming?
  4. Patapo

    2D RPG Development (Sword of Mana)

    Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. Another question I have is if I wanted to create everything from scratch - including a simple engine - are there tutorials for that? If I ever were to create a game and hypothetically put it to market, I would like to say I did it all myself, because that is the type of person that I am. Not out of, "I want more money for myself, greeeeeed," more so that I would like to have it as a main hobby/challenge for myself (I'll definitely be asking a lot of questions and sharing any progress I make). I will absolutely check out Game Maker Studio 2 in the meantime and, "The Big List Of Pixel Art Tutorials," that jpetrie linked.
  5. Hello gamedev.net, I am brand new here. I am not the best at articulating myself or at formatting forum posts so sorry ahead, but I want to try and make my first post count so I'll jump right in. I love the time that we live in - I love that pixelated graphics have been so prominent in gaming these past years. I like to think that a lot of people developing 2D games these days have the same mentality as me, which is 2D graphics are beautiful (I've heard people call 2D development "lazy" which is possibly true for some, but I like my positive viewpoint). Sword of Mana for example, despite it's age and 2D graphics is a wonderful, whimsical, beauty. It has a fun hack and slash style of combat, addictive crafting (mob grinding for loot/seeds) and a creative housing system for the time. I've replayed this game many times throughout the years. Each time I play it I'm at a different level of maturity in my life (more or less lol). As I've aged my perspective has changed due to life and it's struggles, so the game means something different to me each time I play it. To get to the point of why I created this account - I want to learn how to make a top-down, 2D, RPG that plays like Sword of Mana. I have no illusions that it will be easy and I'm hoping for some solid advice from the experienced users on this forum to get me pointed in the right direction. I have no skills with game programming, minimal music ability (I have three practice tunes on soundcloud if you want to check them out - bottom of post), and no skill with pixel art, but am willing to learn. So if you have any advice whatsoever I'm all ears!
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