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  1. Context : Unreal engine 4 and Big Space ships with box collision. What are the advantages one can get by using PhysX over say UE4's inbuilt sweep and collision system? Is PhysX implementation used in Ue4 accurate enough to have player controlled, Deterministic, gameplay physics rather than just decorative destruction or random behaviour? Is primary purpose of PhysX in Ue4 asthetics only? e.g. ragdoll, apex destruction. or is it accurate enough to have a meaningful gameplay without glitching out. I see there are a few quirks with physX like depenetration solver introducing quite huge depenetration velocity etc. but on the other hand using native sweeping collision feature of Ue4 leaves you to manually handle all the kinematics calculation which can be quite difficult when there are quite a few collisions at the same time on a single object. So like said in the context , if I had to make a giant space ship (which is basically a box) which might be more preferrable PhysX or Collision sweeps and why?
  2. yash verma

    What is with the freemium games on android?

    Seems about right, however I don't know what is the trick to find the right balance between fun and micro transactions so that the game is still fun to play but still generates enough revenue to sustain its own development . Maybe that's what define the games success or any shovelware with enough microtransactions would make money? My aim here is not to make million dollars but just enough so that the game can sustain itself at the least without sacrificing the consumer satisfaction . Or am I being too naive lol?
  3. yash verma

    What is with the freemium games on android?

    yeah , but like everything it'll have its own challenges and complications , e.g say if you allow only 5 levels free to play and charge to unlock the rest of the levels I dunno how many people would be willing to pay and not rate it badly stating its not really free as stated on the store page. Anyway I guess that's the reason why freemium games are the norm i.e people play demos and pay for more content without realising it thinking they had the full game from the beginning. Clever trickery. Money or Creativity choose one
  4. yash verma

    What is with the freemium games on android?

    hmm, there are other ways to do a "play now, pay later" by say releasing demo versions like old times. However I do agree that cartoony graphics are easier to produce
  5. Please correct me if this is not the right site for such a question. So basically what I want to ask is how likely a game that is not a clone of successful freemium game likely to survive in the mobile gaming market? Nearly all top mobile games seem to be on the same bandwagon of stylised cartoony graphics like Clash of clans, even their screenshots follow the same extremely generic labels like "Build your team" ,"Fight epic enemies","Choose your heroes" etc with some character standing on the foreground of the screenshot. It is extremely unoriginal and irritating at times, not to mention they put in the same screenshot over and over , which is a trend all games follow. Even the giant microsoft is culprit of the same behaviour with its Age of empire:castle seige bearing a icon extremely similar to clash of clans icon , this cannot be coincidence right? Its quite hard to find a popular game with original idea without pay2win model. I've seen some better games that do not include in app purchases and not made by some million dollar company. So If I had to make a game , which of the following is more likely to survive the market (or even get some exposure and make decent money): 1. A freemium game with lots of in app purchases and cartoony graphics with children as target audience e.g. CoC clones, endless runners and other generic stuff etc. 2. A game that requires more skill without no in app purchases to progress and non stylised graphics Theoretically speaking the biggest fear one'd have is putting a lot of work and time into an original and fun idea , release it to the market and then see it drowned by freemium cashgrabbing clones of it made by multi-million dollar companies that an indie can never compete with. Sure nobody can own or copyright a game idea but it makes you wonder whether you should put effort on making a genuinely well designed and fun game to see it die before your eyes or just make a mediocre shovelware version of it with pay2win, timers, cartoons and other trending stuff, jump on the bandwagon and earn from it?
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