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  1. Hi there I'm working on a simple racing game at the moment that I like to pitch as Thumper vs. Burnout vs. Journey. In a nutshell it's a single player experience where the player races across a city in the dead of night with a time limit of one hour. The main mechanic being that driving well earns the ability to go faster, making things more challenging and opening up shortcuts and alternative routes, while mistakes (colliding with walls for example) make the player loses their highest speed and have to re-earn it. I have a grand vision for an a pounding, dynamic sound track with elements being added to the music as the player goes faster and I'm looking for someone to collaborate with on the audio effects. Here is a video of the early direction and feel of the project (it's moved on since, but this still gives a sense of the style): Contact me if you're interested in the opportunity to work on an interesting unique soundscape with me. Kind regards, Jamie
  2. Glasshalfpool

    Tokyo Light Cycle

    You have one hour Tokyo Light Cycle is an arcade racing game. You have a one hour time limit to make it across Tokyo in the dead of night. Time is your enemy - Speed is your friend The better you ride, the faster you go. The more risks you take, the more shortcuts and alternative routes you'll discover. An Audio / Visual Experience Tokyo Light Cycle will be a game driven by sound design. The video below gives a brief intro to the game and explains some of the goals for the audio.
  3. Thank you so much to everyone who got in touch. I'm going to proceed with someone who contacted me from this forum.
  4. Hi there I'm working on a game where music is a key part of the experience and am looking for a collaborator. It's a driving game where the player must journey across a city at night to deliver a package in under an hour. It's essentially a time limited adventure taking place in a single night with short cuts, alternate paths and a story told through dialogue over the phone while the player is playing. It has elements that are most comparable to rhythm action games like Amplitude. The player begins at the slowest of four speeds and as they drive well they build a meter which once full, allows them to jump to the next speed. Doing so increases the colour and movement of the city and adds new layers and instruments to the soundtrack. I've struggled to find music that is along the lines of what I'm hoping to create. This track comes the closest to what is in my head: I'd be open to ideas you might have though. If you're interested in collaborating on the music and/or audio for a really unique title in progress I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, GHP
  5. Glasshalfpool

    Tokyo Light Cycle

    Album for Tokyo Light Cycle
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