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  1. Hi, I'm Lens of Truth and it's time for a Halloween special! I released a new video for my YouTube channel about game design. This one is all about Metroidvania-styled Castlevania game, which unlock bonus playable characters after you beat them. If you could check it out, that'd be awesome! I'd also love to know what you think. Here's my video, Bonus Playable Characters in Castlevania Games.
  2. Hi, I'm Lens of Truth and I released a second video for my YouTube channel about game design. This is the first in a series all about ideas for making a great Power Rangers game. If you could check it out, that'd be awesome! I'd also love to know what you think. Here's my video, When to Morph.
  3. Lens of Truth

    Game Design Analysis YouTube Channels

    I agree with that. With all the review channels popping up here and there, it's great that there are good ones in the mix. I guess (and you probably know this already) I like Mark Brown's idea of displaying smart design so that game developing viewers can pick up ideas from even obscure games. Also means shorter videos (usually).
  4. Lens of Truth

    Game Design Analysis YouTube Channels

    A review is a video that goes in depth on a single game, talking about most, if not all of its aspects: graphics and art design, music and sound, game mechanics, game modes, etc. A game design video focuses on a single mechanic or concept, thus can look at how a multitude of games use that mechanic, either effectively or not. Errant Signal's Doom review is a single, twenty minute video exclusively focusing on Doom, with a mention of the original Doom and brief mentions of other games. He covered most aspects of the game. Mark Brown has mentioned Doom several times throughout his videos. But every time he mentions it, he refers only to the glory kill mechanic and how "brilliant" it is. He never has to talk about the graphics, soundtrack, or how long the loading times are because he's not reviewing it. He's just citing it as a game that does something well (relevant to his topic of course.) And if his video does focus on a single game, like Toki Tori 2, he still hones in on a single concept in which to talk about. So they are different. And right now I have an appetite for game design videos. Reviews much less so.
  5. Anri, since you like SOTN, what's your opinion on the other Metroidvania Castlevania games (only six others, 3 for GBA, 3 for DS)? Specifically how do you like Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow? I thought those two games were really the culmination of all the good from SOTN and Circle of Moon, while trimming some of the missteps. With those maps to 100%, these are good games to obsess about.
  6. Lens of Truth

    Game Design Analysis YouTube Channels

    I watched Extra Credits' blue shell video, which I liked, but their thumbnails make it really hard to tell what a video will be about. I think Errant Signal is more of a reviewer, which is fine. I thought his Doom video was very well-written, I just would've preferred some background music (although not much to choose from in Doom's OST to back VO). Raycevick seems to be a mix of design and review, but I only watched one of his shorter videos (TLOU voice acting), so i could be wrong. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to sample a little more from each when I've got some time.
  7. Lens of Truth

    Lens of Truth YouTube Channel

    Hi, I recently began creating videos for a YouTube channel about game design. Only one video so far at the time of posting, but currently working on the next. If you could check it out, that'd be awesome! I'd also love to know what you think. Here's my first video, The Validity of Simplicity.
  8. Usually 3D collect-a-thons like Spyro and Super Mario Galaxy. Gotta get all those shinies. Also if a game is difficult, I get obsessive in scouring the internet for tips to beat it as quickly as possible, like in Lightning Returns FFXIII when I found that you can add debuff damage boost onto non-debuff abilities.
  9. Lens of Truth

    Why watching movies is a necessity for games

    For a game like God of War III, the devs must have looked for movies with a huge sense of scale. Just in the open sequence there are so many set pieces sewn together and it really is awe-inspiring. It's not really a game that's more of a movie, just that the presentation borrows concepts of grandeur from film.
  10. Lens of Truth

    Grown out of playing games

    For me it's more like I've grown out of having tons of free time for games. I recently started making videos for my YouTube channel (about video game design), and between work, learning to make decent videos, and actually making videos, I haven't played anything just for fun for a while. It's to the point where starting an RPG worries me, because I hate being on a game for months, but there's no way around it.
  11. Lens of Truth

    How do you balance gaming and game dev?

    I just started creating videos for a YouTube channel (about game design). Between work, learning how to make decent videos, and actually making videos, I'd have to agree that I'm finding it difficult to set aside time to actually play video games. Kirby's waiting for me to finish Triple Deluxe, 14 anime teenagers are waiting for me really get into FF Type-0, and Sonic's waiting for me to punch a hole in the wall while wrestling the controls in Secret Rings. Although, if I was making videos full-time, maybe I'd have a little more free time.
  12. I know of one really good YouTube channel that's all about game design. It's simply called Mark Brown, and he does two different series: Game Makers' Toolkit and Boss Keys. It's a great place for game designers to go and just pick up ideas. He's not really about entertainment, although the videos certainly aren't boring, but more about education. As in, how do existing games do clever things to stand out from other games? I myself created a YouTube channel with the intent of talking about game design, although I only have one video as of posting (working on the second). Are there any other really good channels like Mark Brown? I've seen other channels with the same intent, but lacking on the execution. Here's my video below.
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