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  1. Hey there everyone, I am looking for a few advanced cryengine programmers to volunteer to make a game like dying light. Thanks Everyone!
  2. Hello everyone,I am looking for a team of volunteers to help with an open world fantasy series.I need everyone that does anything related to game design or dev to help THX.
  3. Jmay2022


    Hey everyone I want to learn how to make games as a hobby.Does anyone want to make one together.
  4. Jmay2022

    My company

    THX Everyone! Special thanks to all the advice I am going to try to us your advice! I do not know how to make a video game,therefore i need people to help me.
  5. Jmay2022

    My company

    I do not know how to make a video game,therefore i need people to help me.
  6. Jmay2022

    My company

    Hello everyone! I am 14 years old,and am looking to create my own game company. However I have no experience,therefore I have come to the forums to hire people. You will be paid with Revenue Sharing.Thanks everyone!
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