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  1. Updated with sample video and re adjusted title to looking for an audio engineer.
  2. Atwo Studios

    Game Designer Resume Critique

    Hey Frob, I just would like to let you know that I scored 2 interviews this past week for associate game designer positions since changing my resume to the format you suggested. Thank you so much for the advice and hopefully this thread can help other people who are looking for advice on resume building or applying to jobs at a game studio.
  3. Atwo Studios

    Game Designer Resume Critique

    Thank you, I'm glad that it makes a lot more sense now. I agree that I probably should apply for a developer position but I have more experience in the designer position over the developer position. Fortunately there have been quite a few associate/junior designer positions available to apply for, the bad news is that I was using my first iteration of my resume to apply for them. Thank you so much for all the advice on how to build a proper resume! I really do appreciate it! - Anthony
  4. Atwo Studios

    Game Designer Resume Critique

    Thank you so much for all the advice you are giving me, I do appreciate it as well as anyone else that reads this, I hope they do appreciate it too. I understand a lot about what you are saying in terms of what an employer would be looking for versus the employee as well as different methods to find a job. Coming out of college or University there was very little help on how to build a resume geared towards the gaming industry versus a resume lets say that would be for accounting so I was basing it off of what advice they gave me as well as any kind of research I could uncover on the internet. You had mentioned a few things in your first message about my resume that I could clear up that could hopefully result in better advice for a more well done resume. I think the biggest thing was my internship as a game designer. I did fulfill an internship during that period of time working about 35 hours a week on the project, the internship was unpaid but fulfilled the credit needed for my degree. I still would work at my chefs job but just less hours as I was going to school and working on an internship. Yes I did get my degree in Computer Science but my Minor or Concentration was in Game Design, I wasn't sure if I should have stated that in the first draft of the resume but I re wrote it in this new version of it. You had given me a link to a website that list Game Studios in my, I don't think that website is very accurate. I am based out of Michigan and those game studios are either out of business or not working on any new projects. I re wrote my resume and hopefully this one makes more sense for an employer. Another question would be do I need a portfolio and what exactly do I put on there versus my Resume? Thanks for your help, Anthony Game Dev Resume.pdf
  5. Atwo Studios

    Game Designer Resume Critique

    I appreciate the advise, has this type of set up for a resume worked for you while aqcuring a job at a game studio? I have gotten advice from many different sources many of whom have gone to school for game design but actually have never gotten a job in the field. I will defiantly redesign it an post it again, I'd appreciate more feedback on if you have the time! But thanks again! - Anthony
  6. Atwo Studios

    Game Designer Resume Critique

    Then what would be your advice?
  7. Would anyone be able to offer up some advice on my resume as well as have any pointers/tips when applying to a game designer job? I've been applying everyday for over a month for positions ranging from internships to full time game designer positions. Any advice would be helpful! Game Dev Resume.docx
  8. Atwo Studios

    Solar Switch Launch!

    iOS is now up and running! Please go check it out, I would love to hear what you have to say!!
  9. Oh nice, that's what i am ultimately trying to do is to be able to work on commercial games!
  10. Thanks a lot I do appreciate it! If you have any games published please let me know!
  11. Hello everyone this is Anthony from Atwo Studios, as small indie company we have published 2 indie games using Game maker, one being ROY - Color Matching and the other being Solar Switch. Both can be found on iOS and the Google play store. For our third indie game we are wanting to make a golf puzzle based game, this would be on mobile too. Our current team consists of a designer,programmer and artist. I would like to add a person who is interested in making sounds effects/ music for our game. If you are interested in creating a game for portfolio work or just as a hobby, please send me an email at : PLEASE do attach any audio work so that my team and I can review it and determine if you are qualified for what we are looking for. Please check out our website for more information about us and the types of games we have made so far. DOWN BELOW CAN BE FOUND VERY EARLY SNIPPET OF THE GAME TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT WE ARE MAKING. p.s. I am not a website designer 2018-05-01_04-58-04.mp4
  12. Atwo Studios

    Game Maker 1.4 iOS HELP!

    If anyone has created IAP for iOS, PLEASE help me out..... I have followed all of the tutorials that Game maker has provided to us, IAP currently works on Android but does not work on iOS using the same code as per the Game maker tutroial. When testing in xcode to see if the iap works, the error message pops up as Billing Request Differed, Cannot Connect to the Store. Again the same code we use works on Android but does not work on iOS. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Atwo Studios

    Solar Switch Launch!

    Solar Switch is about to touchdown on April 9th on the iOS and Google Play store.Check out the trailer! For more information check out Google Play Download: Apple app store Download:
  14. Atwo Studios

    Spot the difference game! (Game Dev Updates)

    Hey everyone, its Anthony from Atwo Studios bringing you a short game update on the spot the difference game, In this update I will be showcasing the new addition of the Joystick control!If you have any comments or suggestions anything would be appreciated! Thanks for Watching! Make sure you check out our first game ROY!Apple:
  15. Atwo Studios

    (NEW) ROY now available on google play and iOS!

    ROY is now available on iTunes!Download here : tuned for a future announcement on ROY, we are getting a very cool opportunity and would like everyone to be apart of it with us!From everyone here at Atwo Studios, Thank you very much for all of your support and feedback!
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