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  1. ignzz

    Motion Capture pipeline

    Make sense. How much things become more complex as soon as data becomes much more and you need to communicate with your team for organizing the takes and decide what to clean up and send to the client ? I am currently working at a cloud service to facilitate collaboration with motion data (https://moveshelf.com) and would be great to learn more about your difficulties and eventually about how we can help ...
  2. ignzz

    Motion Capture pipeline

    What's the best way to write a shotlist to share with such studios? Any tool?
  3. ignzz

    Motion Capture pipeline

    Anyone using motion capture? - What's in your opinion the best system out there for a small gamedev studio? - What's the best tool to keep data and pipeline organized and to have motion capture specialist and animators in sync ? I have been struggling myself with available tools and I started building one ... looking forward for suggestions!
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