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  1. Titanomachy Studios

    {Rev-Share} Looking for C# Unity Devs

    I understand that. Maybe depending on the game we can help you make your game after you help make our game.
  2. Titanomachy Studios

    {Rev-Share} Looking for C# Unity Devs

    We currently only need C# and an artist or 2 more. We do have need of a community manager.
  3. Titanomachy Studios is looking for C# Unity Programmers and 2D artists (Sprites and Pixels). We are looking for programmers in C# in Unity preferably with experience with monetization (interstitial ads etc.) and with experience exporting through xcode for iOS, we are also looking for 2d sprite artists , and a solid web developer who is well versed in bootstrap (javascript). Our website is www.titanomachystudios.com send all resumes and portfolios to careers@titanomachystudios.com Our store page can be found here, https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Titanomachy+Studios Our website here, http://titanomachystudios.com/#/
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