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  1. Apokalupsis

    Disabling online mode?

    Have there been many instances historically, where online required, sp games were made unplayable as a result of servers being shut down?
  2. Apokalupsis

    Disabling online mode?

    I'm primarily asking because someone in a non-dev community, said that buying single-player games with online only is a mistake because if a company decides to shut down their servers, the game will no longer be accessible. The counter to that was that the company could just allow the game to be operated in offline mode. Is it unlikely that a company who decides to shut down its servers for whatever reason would make changes to the game to allow its customers to continue playing the game offline?
  3. Not a question of "how to" but rather a general "how difficult"? For single player games with required online access (either for optional co-op modes or due to microtransactions), there has to be some connection to a network of servers. But what if a decision is made to no longer require online access? Is that easy to implement? Or is it pretty difficult and require a lot of time to do so because of the existing network code? I'm primarily wondering what happens if something were to happen to those servers. Either the company goes out of business or it decides to allow offline mode, but does so after it had already programmed the game to need online access. Is that something pretty involved to change or is it fairly simple and can be done with a patch?
  4. Will that work for what I described in the op? Don't need fancy 3d or even 2 graphics. And how is that different from Unity Playmaker?
  5. Thanks for the info. But now I'm wondering if Unity Playmaker might be a viable solution. My goal here isn't necessarily to learn to program but to create this project. As I understand it, Playmaker may allow this. But I don't know if it is suitable for what I described above. Thoughts?
  6. Looking to design a learning game that teaches formal, critical thinking. The demographic would be those who have never taken a critical thinking course or a logic course. But I just don't know what to use to create it. I'm a novice in programming but have the motivation to put in the time to learn. Starting the user out slow, focusing on argument form and the nature of arguments, how to identify the issue being discussed, identifying and evaluating value and descriptive assumptions, moving on to fallacies, types of evidence and their relative strengths/weaknesses, etc. Maybe adding sections on types of logic (syllogistic, propositional, predicate, modal. More of a focus on text-based learning and interaction, but with images, animations, maybe video (I don't know). Think of it as a modern and more interactive version of Logicola (it's ok if you don't know what that is). So it isn't graphics heavy, definitely not 3D or even 2D platform sort of game. Maybe something similar to the JackBox games on Steam, but not entirely sure at this point. Thoughts? What are some good possibilities to use for such a project? I'd like to be able to market it, perhaps on Steam, maybe even to education institutions.
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