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  1. 123iamking

    How to create blood effect like The Last of Us?

    Thank Scouting Ninja, I have to dig deeper about this. This is very accurate except for one thing. It's a bad idea to use a movie file, instead you should use sprite sheets or just a collection of images. Using a video codec like mp4 can cause a lot of problems when you try to retrieve the next frame. Animated particles mostly use sprite sheets. It's because the video compresses the images of each frame and makes extracting it a bit of a problem. About this, I think you misunderstand about the mp4 part (sorry, I should have posted a picture for easier to understand). I mean the BloodFx.mp4 is just an green screen effect like this video. I input this video into Adobe After Effect (sorry I mistake in the first post, I stand correct: [BloodFx.mp4] --> [Adobe After Effect & Photoshop] --> Images files), then the output is Image files, then use Adobe Photoshop to tweak the effect. So the final asset to put into game is image files (sheet image), not the mp4 file.
  2. 123iamking

    How to create blood effect like The Last of Us?

    The blood effect of The Last of Us just impressive
  3. I've checked this video: Surface Tension: Liquid Effects in The Last of Us. But after watching the video, I have difficulty imagine the way to create these blood effect. So he said the blood has 2 parts: Animation & Shading So here I imagine (I'm not an expert so the chance I imagine wrong is very high) The animation part, you can use Adobe After Effect & Photoshop to create, I think the final result is a particle effect: 1. Get a green screen blood effect video --> BloodFx.mp4 2. [BloodFx.mp4] --> [Adobe Photoshop] --> Images files. Then use Photoshop and some other program to tailor the images files, check the video in the spoiler below (I put it in the spoiler in case the image of the video too large for this page) About the shading part. I vaguely imagine like this: 1. Write shading script (HLSL) 2. Use a sculpt software to sculpt the blood and use XNormal to generate the Normals. But how can this work with the particle effect from the first part? What is this blood, it's 2d sprite particle effect or it's liquid entity (like water, the sea or the whisky you can see in Micheal's glass in GTA V). What software require to make this blood effect? Thanks for reading.
  4. Let me explain why I call it: 3rd person camera-based movement (honestly, I don't know if that's the official name) In GTA Vice city, you can see, when you turn the camera, the main character turns with the camera. When you press Back, the character walks backward, press Left, the character walks left-ward. I call this 3rd person character-based movement. In GTA SanAndreas (also GTA IV, GTA V, Sleeping Dogs, Prince of Persia,... ), when you turn the camera, the character won't turn, but the camera rotate orbit around the character, when you press Back, the character walks toward the camera, when you press Left, the character walk toward the left of the camera. So I call this 3rd person camera-based movement. So I see that 3rd person camera-based movement is pretty popular, I wonder if there is a good implement of 3rd person camera-based movement (that's from open-source, books, forums,... I tried searching but I haven't found any) so that I can learn from.
  5. Ironically, the exact reason why I don't choose Unreal Engine because it killed my graphic card, literally killed it - cost me a lot of trouble I'm still afraid to play games made by Unreal Engine, even when my new laptop is better than the old one. About CryEngine, I searched around the internet, but I didn't find anyone said anything about CryEngine damage their graphic card.
  6. According to this article So I wonder if using Lua in Lumberyard can gain the same performance benefit as C++. I'd like to discuss when using Lua and when using C++ in Lumberyard (or can see as Pros and Cons of Lua and C++ in Lumberyard)
  7. I just got a clue, according to Wiki Look like these 3 game engines did use Flash.
  8. Note: I can't find tag: CryEngine for this topic. Recently, I tried CryEngine 5.4. I see that to create UI for CryEngine, I must (I don't know other way) use Adobe Flash to create UI and import to CryEngine's Scaleform implement. I wonder if other game engine uses Flash too. In Unity we can create UI in the editor (here is a health hub example, or game over screen example), but I don't if this has anything related to Flash. In Unreal Engine, I see there is UMG UI Designer, I haven't tried this so I don't know if this has anything related to Flash. Anyone has tried these 3 game engines, please give comparison for the GUI solutions of these 3 game engines: Unity 2017.3 vs Unreal Engine 4.18 vs CryEngine 5.4
  9. 123iamking

    Real-Time Character Dismemberment demo

    This game is hilarious
  10. 123iamking

    Real-Time Character Dismemberment demo

    Of course Ogre3D is just my opinion, it doesn't matter What's matter is a demo that can easily run and observe this technique in action
  11. I took a look at Real-Time Character Dismemberment (Game Engine Gems 1 - Chapter 19), I guess I see this technique has been used in GTA III when the player can shoot the NPC's arm off. I'm truly interested in this gore thing. Has anyone made a demo of this technique in Ogre3D? (Or Unity/CryEngine/Unreal... But I think the demo for Ogre3D is best because it's a solid open-source graphic engine, accessible for everyone)
  12. I personally think CryEngine 5 picks a smart move when adopting Pay-what-you-want license. If a successful game maker sells their game (which made with CryEngine 5) big time, there is no way he gonna pay less than thousands buck (because successful people are usually generous).
  13. I really don't understand this, CryEngine 5 has so much advantages over Unreal Engine 4. 1st, CryEngine 5 is Free (if you want it to), According to this post 2nd, CryEngine 5 give you source code, according to Get CryEngine page But I see the list of game made with CryEngine 5 and list of game made with Unreal Engine 4, I'm stunned that a lot game titles choose Unreal Engine 4 over CryEngine 5. One claims that game titles pick Unreal instead of their proprietary engine because But why not go with CryEngine V? Am I missing something?
  14. Thanks Scouting Ninja your answer is really detailed, I appreciate it But I see GTA 4 also has explosion effect, which really looks like 3D thing, so if the Dragons is 3D models, so are GTA 4's explosions 3d models?
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