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  1. Pixelated_Nate

    [Pixel Art] Character Skin moves as they do.

    Ah, I'm sorry for the confusion, yes, the skin would animate independently from the player. I'll give your texture mapping idea a go, thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hey everyone! First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I was looking at the categories and this one seemed to be the best fit, please excuse me if I was wrong in that assumption. ~~~~~ I'm having a little trouble with a possible artistic choice for my pixel art character that I'm using in Unity and was wondering if I could get some help. Basically put, I have this sprite with transparent skin: Now, what I would like to have is an animated sprite "behind" her that moves as she does in a Platformer game so that her skin looks like a galaxy slowly scrolling and changing colour as she moves around. Attempting to do a Sprite that fits perfectly where the alpha is, does not work as the size (32 x 32) basically means zero detail in the "skin" sprite. My next attempt was to have a Sprite Mask with a much larger image only being displayed within the sprite mask but this causes problems for animation. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I'm currently looking for a programmer for my hobby project, to be built in Unity and released on the PC. It's currently in the pre-alpha stages, as I am currently working out how all the systems should eventually work and quickly realized I didn't have the coding knowledge to achieve it. (I'm more of an artist than a coder.) This is where you can potentially come in! Should the game be released, all funds accrued will be split equally and credit will of course be given wherever applicable, I can't guarantee it will get released, however. The Premise A fantasy, pixel art game in which you build a city and look after its inhabitants by supplying them with the things they want. (Education, Politics, Entertainment, ect..) The people can be visually customized, gain skills & jobs, marry, have children, grow old and die, their lives are at your whim. As you are building your city, you'll find that some citizens can go on quests for unique building materials, this turns the game into a X-Com style turn-based strategy, using the people that you send. Your city can be built however you want, with decorations and such, though your people may get upset if you don't give them what they need/want and abandon your city. The Programmer As the only coder in our project duo, I'd really need to insist that you know your way around a coding environment fairly well, as well as be able to utilize those scripts with Unity, the engine the game is being built in. The project will require: Pathfinding Coding UI Coding AI Coding Shader Coding (This may not be required if another method can be found) Communication I've found using Google Drive for documents, Unity Collab for file-sharing and Discord for communication really helps keep everything tidy and easy to access. If you have any problems with these systems, please let me know. If you are interested, please contact me at nathan.jenkins1012@gmail.com Whilst it is difficult to showcase coding, some examples of your work would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello all! I'm currently designing a 2D, Puzzle/Action RPG, in a similar vein to Legend of Zelda: Link to The Past, in Unity and require a Programmer partner in which to work with me. The project, yet to be titled, will feature: A semi-open world, represented through pixel art, in which the player traverses to enter dungeons and advance the story. A handful of side-quests that require memorizing details and using puzzle-mechanics. A fast-paced, melee combat system that will include dodging, blocking and utilizing four different attack types that can be switched on the fly. A simple inventory of "Key Items" to be used in order to advance the story. Day & Night system and Weather Effects, with weather effecting combat. A very simple Dialogue System to convey information via colored text. Saving/Loading via exporting and importing a physical save file. Majority of the project is already planned out, with plans to release commercially and splitting the profits equally among the two of us. I would request that the applicant is able to work semi-independently, following an outline, and that they have experience in both C# programming *and* putting those scripts to use inside Unity, whilst I will be creating the Art, Music/SFX and doing Level Design (Though if you are also comfortable in assisting me with these, I wouldn't be opposed.). Work will be shared in either Github or Unity Collab (Applicants preference), with communication done via Discord. For more information and to apply, please contact me at nathan.jenkins1012@gmail.com Thanks for reading!
  5. Hello all! I'm currently building a simple pixel art platformer, currently named DarkWorld, in Unity. I've been attempting to build it as a solo project for fun and have found that what I want for the game is beyond my coding knowledge. Therefor, I require a coder to assist me in building this game! DarkWorld is a 2D Sidescrolling platformer akin to Mega-Man or Mario, in which you play as a character that has had their world over-run by darkness. Using the power of Light, they fight back against the evil, find the missing citizens and collect coins to rebuild their town of Paradox Falls and uncover the mystery of where they obtained their powers. Please note: The project requires you to have coding knowledge on a number of things including: Output/Input Shaders A.I's. If you're interested in helping me out on this, shoot me an email at nathan.jenkins1012@gmail.com and we can go from there! Note: The following image is edited on the desired effect and has yet to be implemented.
  6. Hello! We're currently looking for a 2D Pixel Artist for our hobby project: Adavia. Adavia is a 2D Action RPG, which will take inspiration from Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. We're also adding in a much larger world, traditional RPG features such as XP and a Skill Tree, plus the ability to create your own character. As an Artist on the team, you'll be working with another artist to create tilesets, characters, effects and UI art. If you would like to be a part of this project, please email me at Nathan.Jenkins1012@gmail.com It would be great to see some examples of your work. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day!
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