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  1. AyeRonTarpas

    Leaning how to make a game engine in OpenGL SDL/GLFW

    The engine is going to be more personal between the two we have no plan yet to share the engine unless its within the group ill be working with so i may just have the engine do it entirely. Both of us are very fresh to OpenGL we know little to nothing, im currently doing research but still know the bare bones i would say. Still learning as i go from video tuts to some discussion. Though some website would be nice if you know some. I use to exclusively code in Java since highschool so never really explored in any IDEs for C++ i will check out CMake if it makes it easier for us to work on two platforms.
  2. A friend of mine and I are making a 2D game engine as a learning experience and to hopefully build upon the experience in the long run. -What I'm using: C++;. Since im learning this language while in college and its one of the popular language to make games with why not. Visual Studios; Im using a windows so yea. SDL or GLFW; was thinking about SDL since i do some research on it where it is catching my interest but i hear SDL is a huge package compared to GLFW, so i may do GLFW to start with as learning since i may get overwhelmed with SDL. -Questions Knowing what we want in the engine what should our main focus be in terms of learning. File managements, with headers, functions ect. How can i properly manage files with out confusing myself and my friend when sharing code. Alternative to Visual studios: My friend has a mac and cant properly use Vis studios, is there another alternative to it?
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