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  1. Canislupus54

    A Mysterious Player Character?

    Okay, thank you for your input.
  2. Canislupus54

    A Mysterious Player Character?

    I am planning to give hints and reveal the truth before the game is over. It's a pretty important twist that changes the focus of the plot. Without getting into unnecessary detail, the game centers on a group of people trapped in a mysterious location, with none of them remembering how they got there. The protagonist claims to be one of them with more extreme amnesia, but is actually the one who brought them there on the orders of the main antagonist, only to have second thoughts at the last minute. Once the truth is revealed, the focus changes from "survive and escape" to "defeat the antagonist." I plan to have hints throughout the story about the protagonist's true nature. Some of these hints are woven into the gameplay as well.
  3. Canislupus54

    A Mysterious Player Character?

    I want some advice on writing for a game. I'm currently planning a game, and I have the gameplay more or less figured out, but I'm deciding between two narratives. The main issue in question is the nature of the player character. In one of the ideas, the player character is mysterious, even to the player. To be clear, she doesn't have amnesia, though she pretends to at first. She instead actively keeps her history a secret, including from the player. What I'm wondering here is, would that be satisfying? I can't think of a game where the player character's backstory is known and important, but kept a secret from the player. So basically, I want to know if you think the player would feel cheated or misled in a bad way by this sort of twist. If so, why, and do you think anything could be done to mitigate that feeling? Thank you for any advice you can provide.
  4. Hi, I'm currently developing an action-adventure game in the vein of the 3D games in the Zelda series prior to Breath of the Wild, though on a smaller scale. The game takes place in a single city and a small area of land around it. I originally planned to learn all the skills necessary to develop a game myself, but that proved impractical from a time standpoint. As it is, I'm a programmer and gameplay designer. For the former, I have three years of computer science at college. The latter is my hobby. I'm currently looking for the following people to help me out: Programmer: Although I can code, I'm new to doing it for games and there's some things I'm not sure how to implement, like AI. I'm taking a Udemy course on that, but the basic point is I'd like someone to help cover for my inexperience. Concept Artist: A 2D concept artist to draw concept art of characters and locations. I would like an anime style for the game, so I'd like someone who can do that. 3D Artists: 3D artists to model, texture, etc. characters and environments. I currently have a rough prototype completed and a small GDD. If you're interested, please PM me or email me at jordestoj@yahoo.com For the moment, this is purely a hobby. If we produce something good, I'd have no problem monetizing it, but there's no guarantee of payment here. Thanks.
  5. I've recently started developing a turn based RPG. I'm going into my fourth year of a Computer Science major, so I understand the basics of programming. Programming for games is new to me, but I'm learning. I recently finished a prototype for my RPG. I also write as a hobby and I enjoy designing gameplay, and am in fact starting a minor in it. I originally intended to learn modeling and animating as well so I could make the whole game. I still intend to learn those things, but I want to focus on programming, writing, and designing the core gameplay. That's why I've come here. About the Game The game is a fairly simple turn-based RPG, implementing an active time battle system that is intended as a sort of hybrid of Final Fantasy VI and XIII, leaning more toward VI. The game is in 3D as well. It's fairly linear, as the story mostly dictates when you can progress to the next area, but I intend to have some side quests and activities so it's not just a glorified hallway. There will also be towns and dungeons. The game does not use totally random encounters. You can see enemies on the map, and if you touch them you are sent into a battle. You're guaranteed to encounter at least one enemy that corresponds to the one on the map. I'm making this game in Unity with C#. As far as my plans for the game, I would like to make it as complete as we can. I want it to have as many components of a released game as we can. And if it proves of suitable quality, I would have no problem releasing it and sharing the revenue. Right now, though, this is strictly a hobby and practice project. Positions I'm Looking For I'll consider any position, as I want this to be as complete a game as possible. However, the most pressing concerns are: - 3D Modelers, riggers, animators, texture and material artists, etc. Ideally an animator would be able to do both in-game and cutscene animations, but cutscenes are a ways off so that's not urgent. I would like the modelers to be able to do anime-style characters. - Concept artists/Character Designers. Again, people who can draw anime-style characters are preferred. - Level Designers. - Programmers. As I said, I can program, but I think it would be best to have multiple programmers, to improve both the workflow and the code being written. - Writers. I can write the story, but for the same reason as programmers, I think it would be best to have multiple writers. It will also help with creating side quests. As I said, if you can fill another position, feel free to contact me. You can do so via PM here, or email me at jordestoj@yahoo.com. I'd actually prefer a PM because emails get buried quickly, but either is fine. Once you're on the team, we'll use Discord to communicate. Thank you for your interest and any assistance you can give.
  6. Does this look like something you'd like to and be able to work on?
  7. Canislupus54

    C# Unity Dev looking for amateur team

    Hey, could you take a look at this thread: Let me know if it's something you'd like to work on, thanks!
  8. I'm looking for programmers for an rpg I want to make. If you're wondering what "semi-turn based" means, it means that you take turns, but instead of a rigid back and forth like Pokemon, a timer determines when you can act, a sort of modernization of the classic Final Fantasy Active Time Battle system. Right now, I'm looking for programmers to create a prototype of both the combat system and the movement outside of combat. Preferably for Unity C#. Concept artists, particularly for characters, and writers to help me flesh out the character and story aspects, would also be helpful. Here's a concept doc to fully explain things: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ObDMAUWsndSAJ1EpQGRDxtR8Xl9xPotx89OZ0sgRaIw/edit?usp=sharing If you can fill another role and are interested, feel free to let me know as well. At the moment, this is purely a hobby project, with no payment planned. If we produce something we feel we can release, then of course we'll work out something for compensation. But, again, don't join this project counting on payment. If you're interested, contact me on here, or at jordestoj@yahoo.com . Thanks.
  9. A while ago I posted a game concept and asked if the document was well-written and if the game seemed fun. I got some helpful responses. Now, I'm asking the same thing for another game. I'd also like to ask if it seems like a feasible game to create with a group of hobbyists. If people seem to like it, I may post it in Hobby Project Classifieds. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ObDMAUWsndSAJ1EpQGRDxtR8Xl9xPotx89OZ0sgRaIw/edit?usp=sharing Obviously, I'm no expert or I wouldn't be making this thread, but I think the combat seems simple enough, but the world and movement may present a problem. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  10. Canislupus54

    Looking to join a beginner dev team

    I know a couple programming languages. Mainly Java, but I've dabbled in C++ and C#.
  11. Canislupus54

    Looking to join a beginner dev team

    I joined. Can you give me some details about your project? I don't have permission to post or view much on that server.
  12. Hi,I don't have much experience, but I enjoy designing gameplay and mechanics and writing. I still have to learn some, so I'm hoping to join a team with a similar beginning skill level. I'd prefer to work on a 3D game. Reply or email me at jordestoj@yahoo.com if you're interested.Thanks.
  13. Canislupus54

    Game Development Team

    I'd be interested in designing and/or writing, but I also prefer 3D.
  14. Canislupus54

    Game Concept Critique

    No problem, now that you mention it I see how that could be confusing. Dashing is explained in the next paragraph, but it's a little vague so I'll clarify. Dashing is sort of like teleporting, and you have less control over it than running or sprinting. Basically, in terms of speed. Running < Sprinting < Dashing. But dashing is the most restricted.
  15. Canislupus54

    Game Concept Critique

    Those were informative thank you. The story is meant to be linear. The story is mostly out of the player's hands, like in Uncharted or Final Fantasy. Does it look better now?
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