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  1. Hello everyone, I need your help (attention all unity developers), i have trouble trying to enlarge my fonts in my game (it's a 3d game), every time I scale the font to 29 and above, the texts just disappear. Please tell whether this is a bug or just some hidden settings I was not aware of when trying to scale the fonts bigger. Thank You, Toby Manurung
  2. Hello game developers around the world, I'm new to gaming industry (in making game, of course), can you help me getting started. What do I need to learn (the basics) fundamentals before getting into game development industry, even the ones that sound too basic to be included. If you have viewed my earlier post (what game engine should a beginner try first?), you probably think "why is this idiot haven't move on from basic questions", but I just want to take a step back, trying to know all the fundamentals lessons I might miss. I think knowing game engine is good and deciding which one to try first is a good start for beginners but I want to know some fundamentals lessons that can be learn before even using a game engine or even making a game. One more question, which computer language that is very suitable for making games in general or to broaden things up, what are all the computer languages that most game developers use for making their games? Thank you
  3. Dear all game developer out there, Should I learn C++ or C# first before getting my hands dirty with any game engines because I saw a lot of posts talking about how these two computer languages (object-oriented language) is quite useful for making games. And where can I learn it step by step as a complete beginner Thank you
  4. TobyTheRandom

    The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    Can any of you be my mentor (if you are indeed a professional game developer). To be honest, I just started my journey in this industry of game development. My goals are; I want to improve my coding skills because I have little to no experiences of coding (I know some basics of python syntax), I want to make simple 2d platformer with a drag and drop game engine (but with a little bit coding to hone my coding skills) and I also want to improve my artistic skill.
  5. Which is the best beginner game engine to try for the very first time? and why
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