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  1. Character ideas for my fighting game

    That is a good idea. Although my plans were to keep my characters modernized, maybe a modern version could work. Unless I decide to fit a samurai story-wise from the past, that may be a possibility.
  2. You know what the funny thing is, that's what gave me the idea when I thought up nurse and doctor. Sub Zero and Frost dual was my inspiration for them! Same with the idea with prisoner with chains/shackles but I didn't think it would be scary enough at first. I thought of electricity but I rather save thst for someone else. But what you just mentioned does sound pretty scary . The more scary and entertaining the better for fans to enjoy I say.
  3. Those all sound like potential. I really appreciate it. I would probably animate the snowman with a sort of shapeshift moveset depending if I want him rush downing or keep you at a distance. A lot of my characters will be over the top anyway but rich backstories do help. Maybe I can connect some of their stories to each other, like snowman and scarecrow, prisoner and clown maybe, etc. Doctor and nurse would most likely obviously have a good interacting background.
  4. Yes, i want them scary but also have some sort of deadly fighting training that makes sense story-wise so they are seen more than just a regular scarecrow, snowman, prisoner, clown, etc.
  5. Character ideas for my fighting game

    That would be a good reference for me to look into. As long as the martial art style fits the characters I'm creating since a lot of my characters are basically bizarre horror tropes.
  6. Well I did have them planned for my indie style game so yes you are right about freedom to create them how I want, however I also plan on adding them to my other game which is a more serious game. Even though it's still fictional, these characters will have a deeper backstory and that's why I want characters like the snowman and scarecrow to be more in depth and how they are capable of fighting. Think Mortal Kombat, though characters are unrealistic, they still have a logic on their existence and how they are able to fight.
  7. Character ideas for my fighting game

    Thanks for your help, that does sound good. I actually had an idea for a chainsaw wielding character, maybe I can connect him and the clown story wise together? Some of my characters may sound a little exaggerated and silly like a snowman and scarecrow. I was thinking of maybe changing the snowman to another ice themed character so it could be taken more serious, do you know movies that are good for inspiration? Thanks again for the advice.
  8. Character ideas for my fighting game

    It's something I could consider, thanks for the advise. So what you mean is list my character ideas down then the movies and try to connect each character to that type of movie narrative backstory? I appreciate your help, thanks.
  9. No worries, I wasn't referring to you. I meant that I had mentioned my ideas elsewhere in the past about characters like a fighting scarecrow, snowman and I was told they were dumb and silly ideas. I'm not concerned about trying to make them realistic. I'm more concerned about making them appealing and unique so they are not generic designs. What would be some good tips for making them unique and original?
  10. I couldn't agree more. If it is all well put together nicely than I think there's lots of potential. One of my story lines involves fictional creatures and other horror tropes fighting each other in a duel battle with other monsters in the mix. Some have critiqued my ideas with negativity that it sounds kind of dumb like example, how a scarecrow or snowman creature would fit well being as fighters. But if it developed more originality I'm sure some will find it interesting.
  11. Is it possible you can write for movies, books and video games altogether depending on your creativity or ideas?
  12. Character ideas for my fighting game

    Well it's really depending on how I write the storyline. Sure a supernatural scarecrow that moves as if alive or a previous human that now takes the form of a scarecrow are two different things. Yes they're both fictional but one would still have more realism than the other.
  13. Character ideas for my fighting game

    Thanks for the help. Now I understand searching for weapons that fit certain styles for each characters mechanic isn't really my problem. I think what I'm having trouble with is being able to make sense for certain characters on how they could make sense in the story and be capable of fighting. For example some of my characters like a scarecrow, a doctor, a killer clown, a butcher and prisoner are supposed to be scary and are horror based but how would it make sense for them to know how to fight and use weapons? Example, a warrior with a battle axe or vampire is easy cause they come from a background with fighting abilities. But a scarecrow, clown or surgeon doctor, how could I make it more within reason so they could be trained and more of a threat?
  14. Character ideas for my fighting game

    Thanks. Do you or anyone else know though where I can get martial arts, combat fighting skill ideas that would fit those slasher killer trope weapons?