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  1. ObjectivityGuy

    how get over this feeling?

    the feeling that you are the only one who wants your game to be made and that you are wasting your life making a product that is never gonna be as good as the rest of the industry
  2. ObjectivityGuy

    modeler looking to build a team

    sorry for taking so long to reply it was late and i had to sleep at the start i was thinking of simply modeling assets and mounting the environment with them and start to implement the features later beginning by the stats also i made a model real quick i hope its good enough
  3. ObjectivityGuy

    modeler looking to build a team

    thanks for taking the time to reply 1) fair point I should probably add something 2) does roll-a-ball and space shooters from unity tutorial section count as games? I did a small "game" with unity where pick up items as a cube and grow in size every time, then again the reason I'm looking for a programmer Is because i'm not very good with code 3) that is also fair point, I wanted to have at least one person so I could have a better notion of what is viable for the team but I guess beggars can't be choosers i will rewrite the main post and add a description of the project and later i will add a model render
  4. NOTICE: OP’s request has been fulfilled. Please do not contact OP regarding this thread. Hi I have been modeling for some time now but I'm not very good with things like animating and programming, I'm looking for people to who can chat with me on discord, you don't have to be experienced or anything as long as you are dedicated i want to do souls-like game in other words a game in the same style as dark souls anyone is welcome: modelers, programmers but i could really use a animator right now
  5. can someone elaborate for me what makes a good fps game i have played them and i cant tell the difference form one to another
  6. ObjectivityGuy

    should i use a engine or program everything from scratch?

    thanks for the help i guess i will try to make a a simple 2d engine and see where it goes if i just cant get it to work no matter what i will try unity
  7. ObjectivityGuy

    should i use a engine or program everything from scratch?

    can you give me a example of things that require a custom engine to do or that are better done on a custom engine?
  8. ObjectivityGuy

    should i use a engine or program everything from scratch?

    can you elaborate on these two? how much does it limits my scope and how long is the time difference?
  9. what do people normal do do start form scratch or use engine? can someone tell me the pros and cons of each?
  10. ObjectivityGuy

    what should i do in order to be a concept artist?

    ok so i need an art degree anything else?
  11. is it as simple as start drawing on Photoshop or is there any specific step i need to follow
  12. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm dreaming too high?

    the greatest con of indie development for me so far is the time it requires, i know it takes long to write a book but at least you can do it alone and nobody takes 10 years on a book (at least i think so)
  13. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm dreaming too high?

    thanks, that is kinda of sad, i hope i don't end up writing a book just so people go around breaking my canon like they did to Tolkien with Shelob in shadows of war
  14. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm dreaming too high?

    i wanted to do games as an indie developer but the more i read about it the more i lean towards concept artist or book writer do you think there is any chance of a book writer to participate in the production of a game if the book becomes a best seller and they make a game from it? or is the idea of a book turning into game already too far-fetched?
  15. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm dreaming too high?

    about the guy who was speaking earlier about artists and programmers getting promoted to game designer suppose i wanted to enter from software with the objective of directing a game would i have a better chance learning to draw and becoming a concept artist then getting promoted or studying to become a game designer and trying to get hired as one?
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