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  1. ObjectivityGuy

    how is character creation usually done?

    i'm using unity, im looking mostly for ways to change the face and hairstyle, changing the body wouldn't be bad but its optional
  2. ObjectivityGuy

    how is character creation usually done?

    yes that is what i meant, but how do i do it on blender do i use shapekeys and morph targets or what?
  3. ObjectivityGuy

    how is character creation usually done?

    guys i mean the players characters
  4. i'm not looking to do anything too complex but i don't want all characters to look the same either is there a simple way of doing this?
  5. ObjectivityGuy

    how does one typically model an anime character?

    originally i was trying to model jee han form the gamer but the drawings aren't exactly very consistent so it kinda of hard what is xnalara?
  6. ObjectivityGuy

    how does one typically model an anime character?

    sorry for taking so long to reply i couldn't enter the site for whatever reason i was actually trying to model a specific character from a manga but i have the impression anime ways aren't modeled like regular eyes considering how flat they are when you look form the sides for this curvature the eye would have to be ridiculously big or oval which is why i believe its done using something like a lattice deformer i'm not sure how to so that for a game character though maybe animating the texture?
  7. its like the eyes don't fit unless you squeeze then into a oval shape any tips even not related to the eye would be helpful specially in relation to anime anatomy and proportions
  8. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

    ok i will send you my discord user via pm
  9. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

    I'm currently having krb write a base for the story, he said it should be ready by Wednesday or the day after and the idea was to review it then change anything needed and when the base story is good enough i would start making some models then look for more members could you explain me what do you have in mind when you say two writers?
  10. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

    that is great i sent my discord user by pm if you could add me we can talk about the story
  11. ObjectivityGuy

    I'm looking for a writer for a medieval fantasy rpg

    sorry about that i thought i had included it but i must have deleted it by accident it will be a third person game where you fight boss monsters in a 1v1 similar to dark souls
  12. I'm currently still on the planning phase i don't want to go looking for a programmer or animator until i have a more solid view of what i want to do i tried writing myself but i'm just not that good at writing so i decided to look for someone who is better at this if possible i would like if it could be a person with discord so we can voice chat and talk about the feedback directly i feel like talking via text chat both takes too much time to type and ends up in the person doing something else while typing with leads to messages taking to long and stuff like that i don't mind if you aren't a pro or if you take long you can rewrite as many times as necessary but i would appreciate if you don't leave out of the blue without even telling me you are leaving if you are interested pm me
  13. ObjectivityGuy

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    now that i think about it maybe i should just go to the hobby page to look for a writer it far more likely than trying to write a good story without experience in wirting
  14. ObjectivityGuy

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    you are probably right, bad habit i tend to be a more visual guy so far this is what i came up with in the far future the universe starts to decay and in order to survive the whole of civilization start to migrate to another world for whatever reason thought the gate that connected the two worlds started malfunctioning and by the end of the migration it even went as far as connecting to a different world for a short moment after some investigation its believed that it was hacked and the security is increased but they never find the culprit and after a long time goes by people forget about the incident by the point all races have finished reestablishing themselves however the contact with the gate is lost and the scanners can no longer detect it and nobody who went the returns a group of elite mercenaries among them you is sent to find out whatever happened to the gate some notes: as people had to adapt to massively different environments and survive wars all races including humanity have some degree of inborn biotech on them both by necessity and design the gate is a huge structure and even now after the vast majority of civilization is in the second world it still holds large amounts and variety of wildlife and resources i'm picturing the game starting on their arrival with everyone waking up form cryogenic capsules and meeting on the ship's hub to discuss what is happening
  15. ObjectivityGuy

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    sorry for taking so long to reply, i posted it late in the night so i had to sleep right after i guess i could do a scifi setting with a alien or eldritch monster that evolves and multiplies with time maybe experiments with inter-dimensional travel opened a gate to some hellhole i was thinking of a infection type monster similar to the symbiote from spiderman, something that corrupts other living creatures having it go around gathering genetic materials and memories preparing to evolve while using the corrupted hosts to buy time maybe it could even absorb weaponry and technology, a monster with guns at some point i could have the main char get infected but somehow resist it and gain some powers i could even have him become the one being hunted instead i will try and make some sketches although i'm not a concept artist so it probably wont be that good
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