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  1. Awesome, really appreciate the responses from everyone, great community here. If I make serious progress I'll be sure to share!
  2. Rutin you've definitely got the idea, algorithms and RNG with text based results. I viewed some vidoes on Unity 3D and it does seem way more intense than what I think i need. That being said, I do want to start in something that is scaleable that way I don't need to "rewrite" the code (if I'm saying that correctly) in a new engine if I find out I'm limited.
  3. interesting, thanks for all the feedback. The freelancer funding isn't necessarily prohibitive but I'll take a look at Unity 3D first to see what I'm dealing with
  4. Thanks for response. For freelancer, where do I look to hire? And what do I look for?
  5. So I have the vision for a simulation game that is very similar to OOTP Baseball, but with some major tweaks that I think will really make it stand out. Essentially I am looking to create a mostly text and statistics based sports simulator, with little visual elements or gameplay, really just set your lineup and simulate, then record the statistics for historical purposes and increase or decrease player ratings based on simulated performance. Problem is I have absolutely zero programming experience or knowledge as I am an accountant by trade. What do you think is the best way to get started building this simulator?
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