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  1. Ok man really thanks for your help. Also I saw your project and it was wonderful. Good luck with your project man!
  2. Doesn't static lighting produce a more realistic look? And If my shadows seem a bit pixelated using dynamic lighting, should I follow this "guide"? Source: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/378780/dynamic-vs-static-lighting.html Also do you have any answer/suggestion about these questions? I have so many questions. Srz man I'm sorry if I am bothering you with so many questions.
  3. I tried this and it was a disaster. It had MILLIONS of Vertices and it generated errors for UV Lighting, something like that about collisions, and it was terrible. I made a post about this in Unreal Forums but idk why I can't find it. I'll attach a screenshot later, and REALLY REALLY REALLY THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING SRZ :)))))))
  4. I need some help and I have many questions. I want to work with interior and exterior (in other words architecture) designs in Unreal Engine. I currently do my architecture projects in Archicad (You can check it out if you want to). However I want to reach a higher level in presenting my projects (take for exmaple this). So I need te learn Unreal Engine to make intereactive presentation. Now to reach that quality, I also have to learn Blender to create 3D Models for my presentation. Or should I learn 3DSMax? I prefer to learn new things by reading a book, which has practice exercises (or just exercises). I can't learn with YouTube Videos. I have tried, but It didn't work for me (I used the UE4 Tutorial playlist by Unreal Engine in YT). Right now i have two books: Justin Plowman - 3D Game Design with Unreal Engine 4 and Blender Gordon Fisher - Blender 3D Basics: Second Edition 2nd Revised ed. Edition Are this books OK to learn the basics? (I noticed that they also have some exercises) Do you think you know a better book to learn Blender and Unreal Engine? (Also I don't want to learn C++ progamming. I want to focus in Blueprint programming. It's more fun and easy to learn and undersrand(in my opinion)) Which should i learn first: Blender or UE4? I would be really greatful if you would help me guys :)) and i am sorry if my English is garbage. Really thank you
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