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  1. Thanks a lot for this lengthy answer! I will be looking at all those resources.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been programming games for about 3 years now mostly in Unity/C# (alot of my knowledge comes from youtube tuts) and now i feel kinda stuck and don't really know what i should learn/improve. My goal is it to get a job as a Gameplay programmer and i feel like a big problem is the code structure. So i was wondering whats a good way to improve that ( where can i learn good practices and code structure). Are there any good open source projects that i can look at and learn from? Since it doesn't really help if i just look up random open source projects since i won't really know if they are good examples. Also maybe someone has some good advice because i want to make games and want to make games with other people but every hobby project i join ends up abandoned. Thanks for any answers.
  3. That's a great explanation I managed to get it working by checking when a client is connected and ready, then i iterate a list of the connected players and update the weapons only on that client. Thanks for all the help!
  4. I understand what you are saying but at the same time i am super confused how to actually implement this. I currently when a player connects he equips a Loadout and sends all the needed data to other players - and that works fine for players already in the game to have new players updated. But when a player connects none of the already connected players get properly updated. I don't know if i am missing a callback that unity has or if my setup is completely wrong. If you need code to that let me know but maybe that is a common problem that has an obv solution. Thanks for the help so far @MidnightPacific.
  5. Thanks for that! So i looked into that a little but it seems like there is no way of serializing what kind of mesh the weapon has? My current setup is i have a weapon_base script that has data like damage fire rate etc on the root GameObject and as child is the imported mesh and that is saved as a Prefab. Which then is spawned by a weapon pool where the players then get the desired weapon from. Which also currently is not setup correctly since new connecting players don't have the weapons synced for already connected players.. but i probably should create a new post just for that. So i guess what i am trying to ask if there is a way to serialize complete prefabs because i will probably have the same problem once i start working on the attachments.
  6. So, as the title says i am trying to figure out a good way sync all that information with other players in Unity. My problem is that i can't come up with a good solution since i am used to creating classes for everything e.g. attachments are its own class and then the weapon would save a reference to that attachment. But since you can't send custom classes over [Command] & [ClientRPC] i am a little stuck. A solution for this would be giving each attachment for a slot a unique ID and then passing the ID to other player but i feel like that is very error prone if other ppl add a new attachment or the IDs get mixed up. Is there a "standard" way that this is usually done that i am missing? I am fairly new to programming so any help is appreciated!
  7. Hey everyone, i have been learning to make games using C# and Unity for 2+ years now and recently added Unreal and C++ to the mix. I am looking for a Team to work on a small project. Mainly i am looking to better my coding so it would be nice if the team already had a programmer who could teach me some things. If you want to see some of my previous work or have any more Information feel free to contact me. Discord: Lumina | Erik#5613 Have a nice day.
  8. Erik Nivala

    Combat in Action RPGs

    My bad, i mostly wanted to know how the hit detection is done. Thanks for your reply.
  9. I was wondering how combat is done in games like Shadow of War, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Witcher 3 or any other rpg? Because i can't really think of any other way then to do it with animations. I am fairly new to gameplay programming and programming in general with no Work experience yet. Just curious how its done in AAA games or even any other way people do it. Hope this is the right Forum to ask this in. Thanks for any replies!
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