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  1. This is excellent feedback Brooke, thank you so much Think we have a clear plan now.
  2. I ask because I understand the time invested in the creative, and that it’s work which should be valued Unfortunately, most game designers are broke. How can we be taken seriously? if I’ve posted in the wrong forum, please move this and have patience with me- I’ll get it
  3. alxndrb01

    What's missing from TCGs?

    Shelving, I took a look at this and it’s a really interesting design! They really don’t have a hand or graveyard? Tbh I think TCGs will have to evolve by hybridising (like when Conjure TCG added a movement element to the genre), just because of how restrictive the fundamental mechanics can be to both design and the framing device. Thats just an opinion though, I want to hear what you think
  4. alxndrb01

    What's missing from TCGs?

    I completely agree! It either makes the game too reliant on luck- though some games like Vanguard cleverly use this as part of their brand- or too reliant on searchers- Yugioh! for example. That said, players WILL abuse a "pick your own" style (nondeckbuilding) TCG, so it's near impossible to design cards in a way that would predict for broken rules. It would certainly require a banlist, which can be unpopular, money-driven, and reactionary. This is a tough one... What if players could select from a pool of cards each turn, where near half are visible and the rest aren't? i.e. each turn the player selects 1 from the top 5 cards where the last 2 are always visible before the selection? - This would still be luck based but give the player a potential safe option, like walking away with the money you have on a gameshow. The rest of the cards would be shuffled into the deck, thus shuffling the deck each turn and removing the need for searchers. - This is because to avoid dead draws or a stacked (players order the deck start to finish as desired, which might be fun as a format) game, you need some randomness. This would also reduce the need for searcher cards. What do you think of that; does it make sense? Thank you Tom and sorry, I'm new to the site. Won't happen again
  5. That's anything from game mechanics, to art, to storyline, to platforms, to anything. Just wanted to hear people's thoughts, and hi
  6. You can use your art in other projects. Creative control (within given art styles). A fully planned of the project and an late-stage alpha prototype. The game is OGEL (Our Gloria: Eld's Limn) is a "Hearthstone meets Risk!" TCG. Win by moving your cards, alone or in groups, to overrun your opponent's side of the board. OGEL's also a "VICE meets Pottermore" archive of music, writing, and art both canon and fan-made. We need an illustrator to design and implement the game cards and game UI. The art styles are inspired by the moodboarded styles in the link; https://www.pinterest.co.uk/gingerlywaffled/ We're currently late Alpha stage, playtesting internally. Platforms: Steam, Web Browser, Mobile (iOS/ Android). Compensation: Retroactive advance and profit sharing. Email: alxndrb01(at)gmail.com Website: www.ogelgame.com If interested, please email alxndrb01(at)gmail.com.
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