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  1. This will be my third thread here, and I'll celebrate for being....engage in a forum community for this much by....er....ah yes, thanking everyone that has helped me in my previous two thread, esp to Kylotan for nuking my mistakenly submitted thread, also for the friendliness and patience of everyone toward me, a complete n00b. :confetti: As I've mentioned before in my previous threads and in the above paragraph, I know nothing. So I thought to myself: At least don't just sit there waiting for Jesus to come down and bless you with programming skills and do something! Thinking that, I wrote /have been writing out my ideas for my game while looking for pirated udemy courses (I'm broke btw fyi). The game is a big one, and it being my first game ever, lead me to thinking: "Maybe I'm taking more than what I can chew" after reading tips that can be generalized into "Making small game frequently first, then tackle big ones". But I plan to work on this game for quite a long time in a part-time manner Then it hit me. Most of the features I planned to include in the game is already there in, if not, have high similarity to, other games that I played and am playing. The thing is, most of those games are backed by companies like KOG Games, and other company that can...hit me with a copyright report. Why..... TL;DR: I think I picked the wrong to start my game making path, my game may get hit with copyright reports Again, I need advices, on these questions: - Am I taking the wrong path? I think I am taking the wrong path.... - Should I be too worried on copyrights? If yes, how should I deal with it, tweaking the game or play "Dodge the Bullet"? Also, here is my game idea, at: Is this okay? Is there anything I can add in to spice things up or cross out? Also, I have an under-average skill in English so, if there are any clutter in my writing, let me know so I can clarify it to you. Again, thank you you guys so much! >~<)/
  2. ConsolaLarry

    Udemy Course Sale

    Thank you for letting me know this and for reminding me that I have no credit card :sad: But still, thank you
  3. ConsolaLarry

    Starting from (nearly) absolute zero

    Not here, in my place. People thinks that us high school-er and below should only be studying and not doing these kinds of "time consuming worthless sh-t", and only college and up should do this. Buuuut let's keep the cultural difference to a low, healthy amount as to not steer the thread off-track owo) Thanks for the encouragement tho GibbonThatCodes, I needed it OwO)/
  4. ConsolaLarry

    Starting from (nearly) absolute zero

    [CONTINUING THE PREVIOUS REPLY OF ME] Well.... I'm thinking of keeping the art work simple, big (but not too big) pixels to lessen the burden for me (like Terraria). I'm still thinking about it. (Also where to learn how to draw pixel art?) Well, I am expecting it to be long, probably years or so (hope no one is gonna rip my idea off..... QwQ) Whew..... Thanks man, I need this one. I honestly was on the verge of crying when I share my dream of making a game last week in another forum in my country when someone hopped in and said "Do you have a high school graduation certificate yet (No, still in high school)? Get the fucking certificate first THEN you can start. What the f*** (loosely translated from my language) do you think you are? A genius? Get real bitch, you ain't gonna be able to do this, high school-er peasant". I almost hit uninstall because of that very reply.
  5. ConsolaLarry

    Starting from (nearly) absolute zero

    Deleted the rant. Thank you for the notification Ouch. Well.... I have time. Never hurts to use the old systems then update it with time I can do that, hopefully. Let's pray that school doesn't interfere too much....
  6. After my first thread and some painful deleting AND some lengthy drive resizing, I now have Unity and Visual Studio Enterprise As the hype of me finally being able to make a game that I've always dreamed of faded away because of school schedule being a douchebag, I came to a painful realization that I basically don't know anything about Unity (making progress at least, with the tutorial, the rest....well....I don't have a credit card yet, and my age is 2^4 + 1 (don't wanna be too....public)) nor C# (hopefully dotnetcademy.net's C# course for complete beginners can somehow help me with this). At least I know what I am doing (I guess) with my game: 2D, Top down, Isometric, Pixel Art (because I'm on my own and I can't draw like an artist and I'm too broke), RPG with EXP, Class Advancement system and probably some sort of a seeding mechanism for randomized gameplay So, as a complete greenhorn stepping into the field with a completely wrong set of equipments, I'd love some advices from the pros and the experienced (all advices are welcomed OwO)/ ), esp to these questions: - Should I take on regular C# and then learn Unity C# or skip regular C# and straight to Unity C#? - Is pixel art really a way out for me on the visual part? Sprites, maps, items, effects, etc...... - Is my idea okay? Is there anything I can add in or cross out? - Should I do this alone? Or should I get some accomplices? I'm not planning to rush it anyway. Thank you in advance. Sorry, no potato this time
  7. ConsolaLarry

    Starting from absolute zero.

    I made up my mind to use Unity. Hope this isn't a bad choice.... Still..... Worst case scenario would be me grinding another programming language so yea A CHALLENGER HAS ARRIVED! FITE!
  8. ConsolaLarry

    Starting from absolute zero.

    Well, I saw GameMaker before and got to fuss around aimlessly when I was like 8 with a Flash game dream. Got back to it last year and I'm kinda disappointed. Can't remember why, just it was worse than what I expected Gonna look into that. 4GB RAM, core i5 5th gen 1.80GHz overclock to 2.8 and on-board GPU. Let's pray. And honestly, I expected some roasting like "Don't dream big and fail hard". I'm actually kinda happy being greeted this warmly. Thanks guys
  9. I recently came up with an idea for a game after 4hr scrolling through 9GAG (Yes, 9GAG) and I'm into it. It's an pixel-art style 2D top-down RPG with class advancement system and that's all I came up with at time of writing. The problem is I don't know where to start. Engine, platform, programming skill, programming language, and other stuffs. After looking up the forum I saw choices like Unity3D and UE4 but my laptop is the low-medium tier and I don't know whether it can run the dev kit. Also I want the game to be light (around 2GB RAM and a medium-tier GPU as "Recommended System Requirement") and my programming language is Python 3. As the topic said, where should I start? And should I go read some (a lot) of book? My Twitter is at @Chr0n10, Discord is at Celestial#6261 if anyone is up for high-speed (and/or agressive) discussions. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long post, here's a potato (in attachment, perhaps?)
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