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  1. willsavino

    Feedback wanted on string piece

    Hey @nsmadsen, Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah, part of the problem is how static everything is. I was hoping the varied harmonies and flute melodies would provide enough contrast, but the the strings are just too damn flat. There is a light B3 doubled underneath at various points, but (unfortunately) that's just as static. Looks like I'll have to go back to the drawing board re: orchestration. Regardless, thanks for the encouragement, and I appreciate your praise!
  2. Hey folks, I recently recorded this tune for my demo reel. I'm really psyched with how the flute and guitar worked out, but I'm worried my string patches (SONiVOX Orchestral Companion - Strings) are too cheap sounding. Are these passable for a game score? I know it's context dependent, but I can't tell if I'm just being overly sensitive. Thanks!
  3. willsavino

    I've gone and made this.

    I agree with most of what everyone else has said, but here's some more specific feedback. 1. The second chord has a flat 2 in the bass, and scale degree 5 in a sort of tenor voice. That awkward tritone so early on is pretty jarring, even for what you're going for. Try replacing the B in that chord with a C and you'll have a much less dissonant harmony. 2. Similarly, there's some pretty weird rhythmic dissonance going on in the cymbals. It sounds like your one measure long drum loop has cymbal hits on the 2nd sixteenth note of beats 3 and 4. That really throws off your perception of the quarter note pulse. Every once in a while, this sort of syncopation is awesome, but when it's baked into a drum loop, it makes the whole pattern feel off kilter. 3. From a production standpoint, there seems to be some wildly harsh compression going on at that cause the whole mix to pulsate irregularly. Try mixing your instruments quieter to begin with. It'll make mastering the track a lot easier.
  4. willsavino

    What Software do you use?

    If you're specifically asking about "implementation," most audio folks I know use Wwise or FMOD to control how music and sound is integrated into a game. It's not very difficult to program a basic audio engine directly into a game either. But yeah, @Kylotan is right about DAWs. Personally, I use Reaper for just about everything. The interface is a bit wonky if you aren't used to it, but it's very customizable and extremely cheap (and/or free if you're a dirtbag).
  5. "Audio compression" and "file compression" are essentially unrelated. Limiting / compression changes the dynamic range of your music (i.e. the spread from the quietest sounds to the lowest sounds) but has no impact on file size afaik. If you have bad file quality, though, it might be a result of bouncing tracks that haven't been properly metered. Try just dropping your master volume and then doing all your rendering / file conversions.
  6. willsavino

    Where to purchase multitrack music loops?

    I don't know of any royalty-free sites that provide individual audio stems. For what it's worth, that's why "video game composer" is a job. You probably won't have a hard time finding a composer on a site like this one. We're a dime-a-dozen, and plenty of people will do it for free.
  7. Hi all, I'm a composer in Michigan looking to break into the games industry. I have a masters in composition and have been recording and producing my own work for about 12 years. I would love some feedback on my video game reel. I think the compositions are good, I'm just worried they might not be "video game-y" enough? Here's my demo reel. Thank!
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