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  1. @ester Hows it going man? I have been developing a 2d RPG game, I am mostly an artist, and Im presently trying to learn C#. I keep stopping myself from moving forward because I need to learn more coding. I have a couple of ideas and a little document written out, If you'd be interested in helping me develop it, that'd be really cool. I want to use the unity engine to make it because that is what I have the best knowledge on. If interested, shoot me a message and we can talk more. I am in the military and work constantly so this would require no more than like an to two hours a week. (Maybe 3 - 4 on a weekend for me). My email is S.ayed291@outlook.com.
  2. Hey all, I’m 27 years old and looking for a mature, helpful tutor. I was in full sail university about 5 years ago where i learned how to use maya, i eventually left because it became to expensive. However, for the past 8 months I have become familiar with it again. I have posted some models on Sketchfab(link below). I am currently looking for a tutor For about 1-4 hours a week. I am looking for assistance with UVing, Rigging, and sculpting with Zbrush as well as texturing with substance Painter. If there is anyone willing to tutor me, I’ll appreciate it. Also, because i want a quality tutor, i am willing to pay. I’m very passionate about this and am trying to get a good portfolio together. Please email me at ayedsaif@outlook.com. I do not want pre recorded videos because if an issue arises and i can’t fix it, I’d like to have someone there to immediately help me fix it. Ideally, I would like it to be a Skype, discord, or other desktop sharing communication program to do the tutoring with. Also, please keep in mind I am in Hawaii. So from the east coast of the U.S.A I am behind 6 hours. I hope to find someone to work with! Please email me a copy of your portfolio or works so that I can decide if we have similar art styles. Thanks! Saif sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/Saif.Ayed
  3. Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right place to put this. But I am a novice 3D animator, and need help. Is there anyone willing to spend an hour or 2 with me on a discord chat to show me how to rig, skin and animate properly in maya. I simply need someone who I can screen share with and observe my process or show me how they do it so I can do it better. If interested please send me a message. Id prefer if someone watched me. Ive tried tutorials on youtube and it has help a little bit. But often times I run into some unexpected issue that is not in the tutorial and I get lost. Please help. V/R Saif
  4. That is my aimed style, in the post I put it in parenthesis. Those pictures are from the games Albion online, and stone hearth. V/R Saif
  5. Im a 2d/3d artist. Did a few months in fullsail university and I work a bit with maya. I'd be interested in joining. I have been trying to sharpen my modelling skills and learn code at the same time because I have a game idea, but I'll happily join.
  6. Good Afternoon all, I am looking for 2 unity programmers, 3d artist/ animator, and 2d artist for a game Idea I have. I would prefer to have people who are novice's because I will be contributing to this as well as a novice 3d artist. This is a NONPAID Gig. Payment will come from royalties obtained from the game purchase or micro transactions. So please, if you are looking for immediate paid work, this might not be for you. For those of you still here, Im going to present a broad version of my concept. If you have ever played games like Diner Dash, my concept is very similar. Ultimately, there will be a customer who enters, they will request a certain item, and than the player must do steps to make the item. I want the graphics to look similar to Albion online & stonehearth (see pics of the games' styles below. I do not own these pictures). I have a timeline for this game to be completed in about a year. Eventually, once I get assistance developing game assets I plan to make a gofundme page for it. Some of the basic gameplay mechanics are below: Player customization Custom buildings for players Large crafting library- Rarity included Restocking game play assets Diner Dash style gameplay World map options Online multiplayer- Similar to many mobile games Essential item rarity- Common, uncommon, rare, legendary Collection gameplay concepts A little background on me, I am living in hawaii, so my time zone is 5-6 hours behind eastern time. I am in the military, so I have quite a busy schedule Mon-Fri but I intend to put all of my free time into this project. However, I do not have much art or concepts because I am trying to sharpen my modelling, texturing and animation skills, while also trying to learn unity programming all at once. Which is why I am taking this to forums to find partners to bring this idea to life. I know this is very broad, but I am just protecting my idea on a public forum. If this seems like something youd be interested in teaming up on. Please send me a message to ayedsaif@outlook.com or message me on here. I appreciate your time in reading. Hope to meet a few of you soon! V/R Saif
  7. SaifAyed

    Character design (2D Platformer)

    Hows it going man! I think the 2D models you made look really great. They seem very polished and sharp. the coloring for the lighting vs shading is done very well. What did you use to design them?
  8. Hello everyone, I am a new member on this forum and wanted to upload my first model in Maya 2018 and get some feedback. I did about 5 months in Fullsail University for game art a couple of years ago until it got to expensive for me. I took what I learned back then, along with tutorials on you tube to make what you see here. I'd appreciate some feedback and I plan on posting alot more of my work here as well. Eventually, I'd like to be apart of a team to make a game. but that's still a ways off yet. Anyway, Attached is a picture of an Anvil I made from scratch. Rendered with the Arnold render. Let me know what you think. Below is the wire frame, smooth shade and materials shading. Thanks!
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