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  1. Hi! About the game I'm working on top-down 2D hack and slash game, similar to old Zelda style and Binding of Issac. Our gameplay is in rooms where we have puzzles to solve, enemies and bosses to kill. Currently, we have one default weapon, dash, throwing projectiles (like shuriken) and other minor features like parry, deflect, pushing objects. We have played, tested, searched other games to seek what would be the best fit for our game, but we are still struggling with an upgrade system. Gameplay is simple, you start in one room, advance by killing enemies, destroying (optional) props (chairs, tables, boxes), solving puzzles and killing the boss. Our thinking However, we still seek the best way to reward player. Should enemies once they are dead drop some points that are used for upgrades? or fill our ultimate bar? or something else? Things that could be in the upgrade system are Player attributes - better speed / lower cooldown on dash / higher health Weapons (new weapon) Weapon attributes - dealing % higher damage, higher range, etc Hollow Knight is game which does it in a special way where you have badges that you put in limited slots. In our game, if bosses drop badges, it would be easy to use (just slot a badge) and players will have a choice to choose their playstyle by choosing badges because there are only a few spots. Another option would be classical gaining skill points by defeating the bosses, that can be invested in skills/upgrades where we would have upgrade tree. However, I'm not sure how different weapon would fit, would you rather like that weapons can be found in some special chest rooms? Or also by defeating a boss or some other way? Please, feel free to write your opinion and what you like (or don't like) in similar games. Below are few screenshots from the first prototype of the game.
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