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  1. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    Thanks everybody for your feedback, it was really helpfull, now I better understand what I'll do I am very grateful to you
  2. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    1 picture - high poly, 2 - low poly with normal, on 2 looks ok, may be there was too soft lighting on my renders? Thanks for help and links, I'm already going to take part in scsociety halloween challenge
  3. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    Thanks for warm words and good advices, I guess now I should improve my topology for better following anatomy and simplification animators work Oh, I haven't used subdivide modifiers, I just make loops by hands while retopologizing in 3D Coat. Does I add an excess work for myself?
  4. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    I had this idea with rigging and animation by myself for better understanding of topology, but I hate riggin and skinning so much.. I will do it. And tell me please, what does mean "skin before or after subdivision"? What does a "subdivision" mean here? Now I suspect there is a gap in my pipeline. I first hear about the matrix palette and quad skinning, thanks, will read about them
  5. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    At first, thanks for your answer You mean left or right loop? (picrure in the spoiler) Really? I thought face should have higher mesh density than body for good animation Yes, sounds reasonable, I'll use it in next works About normal map, it was baked from zbrush highpoly in XNormal About UW's and textures, I've read about texel density, but would it be better to scale the eye down and lost the UW space? Thanks, your remarks were helpful for me I've learned pipeline on elementary level. Now I want to improve skills and become a professional for working in gamedev. But I don't understand, what should I do, what mistakes I have, and where is exactly a difference between professional and newbie 3D modeller. Here is a link to wireframe renders and marmoset viewer https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ldXQk
  6. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    Thanks for feedback, I actually haven't thought about scapulas and clavicles animation and lighting problems, I'll consider this. And what do you think about topology?
  7. Bomjeshes

    Criticize my 3D game models

    Thanks everybody for ansvers and nice words Why? I planned it as game model, ready for riggind and animation
  8. Please, help to find mistakes and improve my skills in game modelling Here is my 3D portfolio Thanks
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