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  1. Hello Everyone! My name is Bryan, and I’m a community manager for Among Giants Games. I wanted to share some big news with you: Our soon-to-be-released surreal adventure game Distortions has been nominated for a 2018 Indie Prize. We’re overjoyed to be considered a team worthy of nomination! Distortions is a 3D, third-person adventure game set in a dream-like world of memories come to life. But danger lurks in this strange world, and malicious masked figures can come from any direction. The main character, with her environment-changing violin and mysterious journal, must find her way back and uncover the unknown author of the journal. Our game has garnered awards and attention from GameSpot, Casual Connect/Indie Prize, and the Brazilian International Game Festival this year – and it’s scheduled for release in Q1 2018. We’re still hard at work on Distortions, and we’ll have plenty more to show as we approach our release date. For more information, check out our Steam Page or our website. We’d love to hear your feedback!
  2. I've done some freelance writing in the past (mostly ghost writing.) I'm no Steven King or Jane Austen, but one thing I'll recommend as a "Golden Rule" is this: EVERY character should want SOMETHING. Doesn't have to be much. Can be as lame as a glass of water or as complex as finding a solution to their marital problems. But there should be a very tangible, understandable goal the character should want this story to end with. The game's industry largely fails with this one rule, and that's where you get very shallow "stand aside!" character's from who just bark a lot but don't have anything interesting to say. While there's also the problem of character's wanting one and only one thing (looking at you revenge characters like Kratos, Velvet, etc.) they are still a step above the cool brooding characters who just kind of walk around and stuff happens to.
  3. Hey guys! My name is Bryan, I’m a community manager for Dynasty Feud. It’s a competitive, team-based, platform brawler for 2-4 players, in the same vein as Super Smash Bros. I’ve been gaming for all my life, and love chatting about games, the industry, and the hidden gems so few people know about. I’d love to see your thoughts on this exciting addition to the fighting-game family! Got questions? I’d love to chat with you about whatever’s on your mind! To start things off right: What game do you think never gets the praise it deserves? Who got snubbed and why do you think that’s the case?
  4. Good Reading for Game Artists

    Wow this is super informative! How long did it take you to put all this together?
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