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  1. BigMike777

    How to protect yourself and your game?

    You shouldn't contract people from overseas for something like that.The laws of the country you're staying in may not apply to the laws of another overseas. It's true you could try to take legal action, but because the people you're dealing with are overseas, it would be arduous. There's potential language barriers, timezone differences, and variations on laws. At least if you hire people in your own country it would be a lot easier for you. You could get help from a lawyer to help you write up a contract, and that would probably be enough.
  2. I have an idea for a game, but I don't know anything about programming. I feel I could start training myself in it, but it would be arduous to learn everything I would want to, to make what I would want to happen possible. I can't work on this idea until I get out of college, but I wanted to know where to look.
  3. I'm an animation major at my college and I have been thinking about making a game lately. These are just some general questions I have about hiring a programmer. If I were to hire a programmer would I need them to sign a contract if we were in different states/countries? And if I would what would the contract even need to say. There was a person I knew who worked with freelancers in a different field of work. However he didn't get them to sign a contract, and in the end, most ended up walking off the job. So basically, how do you cover yourself when working with a limited budget on an indie project.
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