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  1. So what does command DX_Feature_level 10 or 11 (I can't remember how to type exactly)? If I have written game and changed feature level from 11 to 12 whether my further commands won't work and I couldn't compile it? And I would like to ask how games in options can be changed from dx 11 to 12. Whether developers have to code in dx 11 and dx 12 separately?
  2. Thanx, answer is very comprehensive, I'm wondering if there are the same functions in dx11 as in dx12 or differs by something.
  3. Thanx, answer is very comprehensive, I'm wondering if there are the same functions in dx11 as in dx12 or differs by something.
  4. I was searching for it in google but didn't find, I found only about running the program I can if updated drivers. I'm new in DX11, so I want to ask whether DX12 coding is differs from DX11 or only it has better rendering?
  5. Thanx for the help but I forgot to say that I solved it by pasting color.fx into the project because I was just linked it from other directory
  6. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just linked it from other folder, that was a problem it didn't work. Now I put into the project and it's working now. Thank you, thank you, you can't imagine how much frustration it cost to me!!!
  7. Hello, I started to reading DirectX 11 Programming by Frank Luna but I'm encountered with weird problem I'm not able to solve because I even can't find people with exact same problem. As you see I'm using VS2010 and DirectX 11, I mean my setup is exact the same as in the book. The error occurs in the first sample of the book (BoxDemo.cpp). I think the error is in lines: HR(D3DX11CreateEffectFromMemory(compiledShader->GetBufferPointer(), compiledShader->GetBufferSize(), 0, md3dDevice, &mFX)); (See screenshots below). Could anyone help me? Maybe there are some people with the same error or who solved it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok, I solve this problem by uninstalling windows update, UNISTALLING WINDOWS UPDATE!!!! , however I got a further error in BoxDemo.cpp and seems to be rarer. I tried it on two other machines and it says d3dx11_43.dll is missing from computer even I installed dx11 runtime into these machines and d3dx11_43.dll file is in System32 folder so I can't even imagine why I got this error box. Oh wait d3dx11 d _43 .dll file is missing
  9. Yes, I heard about these problems but I can successfully compile BoxDemo because I use VS2010 and w7 as in the book. I think it's a problem with my gpu or gpu drivers I think I going to read directx 9.0 now because I don't want to waste my time being in frustration.
  10. I pressed F10 and hr value is E_FAIL ( Attempted to create a device with the debug layer enabled and the layer is not installed) maybe I will find a solution easier now, but if u now the how to solve the problem, you could share, I would save some time Thanx for help
  11. I very happy you trying to help me but where the error code should pop-up? is this the error code?
  12. Look the problem is here. Second screenshot made after I closed the box: CreateDevice Failed.
  13. My code returns false here but I don't know what to do
  14. http://d3dcoder.net/Data/Book4/d3d11CodeSet1.zip In directx3d drawing folder you should find the box demo I was following instructions from this book from 23 to 31 page how to launch BoxDemo http://aranna.altervista.org/data2/3d_game_programming_with_DirectX11.pdf this is the plenty in files and I don't really know where to concentrate. Maybe this will help you to to form a clear view what I'm trying to do.
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