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  1. Scripting Designing interesting Quests

    In that quest you told, I see two problems. First, where are the conjunctions of causality? There's barely any. Also, the player is treated as a second class citizen, when he should be the star of the game. None of what happens is decided by the player, it's all imposed to him. There is a town that's tourmented by pirates. ( are you forced to go there? do you want to go there as the player? ) (therefore), The citizens decide to trap the pirates and collective form a plan to kill them once at all. ( the player should decide, not the citizens ) and You need to talk for the towns tinkerer that makes the decision to assemble some bombs digged into the beach (and) to blow the pirates up but how to get them there? ( the player doesn't decide again ) and You meet an alchemist and he gives ya a recipe for fool's gold but wait, how to get into the pirates camp without getting catched and killed? So you will also (also is synonym of and) have to catch one of the pirates and ask him for there camp's location and watchword, also you need to mask and act like a pirate. That quest is just a list of tasks given to the player, it's not a proper story. A proper story doesn't need any words or speech. A proper story is when each event of the quest are linked together by causality. Witcher 3 is nothing but "collect X of Y, collect another X of Z, talk to X, talk to Y, ...", yet it succeeds at having the best side quests in an RPG because each time, it tells a proper story. The same for the Mass Effect series. There is no magical quest archetype that makes it good, it's all about the story telling (again, no need for words, need for causation).
  2. Scripting Designing interesting Quests

    Quest archetypes are not important. As long as the story is told with the Therefore/But principle, the quest will be good and interesting. First, some story telling theory. What is a quest? A quest is a series of events. A series of events is also a story. Therefore, make a good story and your quest will be good. To make a good story, use the Therefore/But principle. The Therefore/But principle is the rule that to tell a good story, each event of your story must be linked together by a Therefore or a But. In a good story, each event is the cause of the next event. If an event is the cause of the next, they will be linked together by a conjunction of causality like Therefore or But. If your events are linked by a conjunction of addition like And, this means there is no causality between the events. For example, here is a simple quest process within a game: I talk to a homeless guy. He tells me to kill 2 goblins and collect some water. I find the goblins and I kill 2. And then I find the water source, and I collect some. And then I talk to the quest giver again. and I receive a sword. End of quest. Now, if I take the same quest process, but I tell it with the Therefore/But principle: I talk to a homeless guy. He tells me he is very thirsty. Therefore, I think it should be a good idea to find him some water. Thefore, I go find a water source. But, 2 goblins guard the water source. Therfore, I kill them. Therefore, I can collect some water for the homeless guy. I give the water to the homeless guy. Therefore, he brings out a sword. He tells me he has no use for it, therefore, he gives it to me. End of quest. Again, quest archetypes are not important. You can have any number of archetypes, if the story is told properly, the quest will be interesting.
  3. I found this quote online: “In a way, trying to impress people with design or personality or whatever works to promote movies doesn't work with games because it takes the focus off the player who is supposed to be the star. The more the player is the star, the better a game you have.” - Sid Meier Can someone explain this quote? What does it mean to make the player the star? What makes the player more or less the star of a game? How do you design a game that makes the player the star?
  4. What kind of code allows for 1m entities?

    My bad. You are right. I read the mod thread and the video was indeed pre-rendered. The author said it took "15 hours to render" :
  5. This video shows 1 million + monsters being spawned in Doom and the game is still running perfectly smooth. How does doom handle physics so that 1m monsters don't make any lag? Each of the monsters seem to behave individually. How is it possible to run so smooth? For some who might have followed some of my threads, I'm working on a strategy game which I try to push for the maximum amount of troops possible. What kind of tricks did John Carmack use for Doom to handle 1m monsters smoothly?
  6. C++ Targeting Different Platforms

    Don't use a fixed resolution, do it like every other PC game with a resolution setting that let's the player use whatever resolution he wants and you adapt the game to scale or to be properly playable at different resolutions.
  7. 3d artist looking for programmer for gamedev

    Your profile is hidden.
  8. Elite Dangerous is pretty much No Man Sky with more interesting gameplay. It pretty much have an endless world with its 400 billion stars galaxy. X3 is a much more complex sandbox (you can build your own space empire) which could also work in an endless map. Mount and blade in endless space could also work. Though an endless world is really not needed when you consider that you can sink 1000s of hours in non endless worlds of such games. It just needs to be big enough and the gameplay will take care to make it fun forever.
  9. D.O.T : Beta gameplay video

    The video stutters a lot, it's hard to see what is happening.
  10. Open-World Game Idea: CONVOY (Very Long Post)

    I like your ideas. What do you want to do with that? Is your goal to eventually make a workable game? How do you plan to acquire the skills and experience needed? Are you going to start learning by yourself or you want to go to some kind of game school?
  11. what is the appeal of fps games?

    I find the appeal of FPS to be the non-FPS content. Gameplay wise, a FPS which has nothing to it but shooting guns is extremely boring to me. But, a game that uses FPS gameplay as a mean to materialise role playing mechanics and strategical decisions can be awesome. The stalker series and arma are the first ones that come to mind. The X game series is a space shooter with a ridiculously deep open world and sand boxing. The FPS games I like usually have a complex inventory management system.
  12. Input on Adult Content

    I'm surprised this post is 10 comments in and no one mentioned the Witcher series yet. The adult content in the Witcher fits perfectly the story and the lore. The entire series is a prime example of how to do great adult content in a story driven game.
  13. I do so in the credits section of my game. If I got only one specific asset from a source, I will have an entry such as: "Picture of a dog" by Bobby Watson (freeart.org/bobbywatson) Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ If I got a bunch of different assets from a same person, I will either name each of the assets or I will put a title that represents what those assets are followed by all the credentials like the example above. I want copyright as a mean to defend myself in the first place. If someone takes my content and attacks me claiming it's his own, I will have proof that I didn't steal anything.
  14. Let's say I wrap up a game after it's done. I own the code, I own the ip and half of the art. The other half of the art comes from free sources: they are either in the public domain or under a free commercial use license like creative commons. The game is distributed in a single self contained package. How do I go about registering a copyright on this final package? Can I put a disclaimer saying the copyright applies only to my original work in the package? Do I have to cherry pick all my original content out of the package and put the copyright on that?
  15. TERRORHYTHM first gameplay video

    Looks pretty cool. Good luck with the release.
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