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  1. 3d artist looking for programmer for gamedev

    Your profile is hidden.
  2. Elite Dangerous is pretty much No Man Sky with more interesting gameplay. It pretty much have an endless world with its 400 billion stars galaxy. X3 is a much more complex sandbox (you can build your own space empire) which could also work in an endless map. Mount and blade in endless space could also work. Though an endless world is really not needed when you consider that you can sink 1000s of hours in non endless worlds of such games. It just needs to be big enough and the gameplay will take care to make it fun forever.
  3. D.O.T : Beta gameplay video

    The video stutters a lot, it's hard to see what is happening.
  4. Open-World Game Idea: CONVOY (Very Long Post)

    I like your ideas. What do you want to do with that? Is your goal to eventually make a workable game? How do you plan to acquire the skills and experience needed? Are you going to start learning by yourself or you want to go to some kind of game school?
  5. what is the appeal of fps games?

    I find the appeal of FPS to be the non-FPS content. Gameplay wise, a FPS which has nothing to it but shooting guns is extremely boring to me. But, a game that uses FPS gameplay as a mean to materialise role playing mechanics and strategical decisions can be awesome. The stalker series and arma are the first ones that come to mind. The X game series is a space shooter with a ridiculously deep open world and sand boxing. The FPS games I like usually have a complex inventory management system.
  6. Input on Adult Content

    I'm surprised this post is 10 comments in and no one mentioned the Witcher series yet. The adult content in the Witcher fits perfectly the story and the lore. The entire series is a prime example of how to do great adult content in a story driven game.
  7. I do so in the credits section of my game. If I got only one specific asset from a source, I will have an entry such as: "Picture of a dog" by Bobby Watson (freeart.org/bobbywatson) Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ If I got a bunch of different assets from a same person, I will either name each of the assets or I will put a title that represents what those assets are followed by all the credentials like the example above. I want copyright as a mean to defend myself in the first place. If someone takes my content and attacks me claiming it's his own, I will have proof that I didn't steal anything.
  8. Let's say I wrap up a game after it's done. I own the code, I own the ip and half of the art. The other half of the art comes from free sources: they are either in the public domain or under a free commercial use license like creative commons. The game is distributed in a single self contained package. How do I go about registering a copyright on this final package? Can I put a disclaimer saying the copyright applies only to my original work in the package? Do I have to cherry pick all my original content out of the package and put the copyright on that?
  9. TERRORHYTHM first gameplay video

    Looks pretty cool. Good luck with the release.
  10. First Dev Update - Introducing COG

    I love the music, the art style the limited drawing distance. It gives me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Funnily enough, the only thing I want more is to have RPG elements, and then I saw on your channel that you worked on a similar looking RPG before. Were you planning on integrating RPG elements in this one? I think an RPG and puzzle hybrid could be a lot of fun. I'm also working on a self made engine/game project and I can't help but smile when I see other people who share the passion to code. About the title, is COG the actual name or does it stand for something?
  11. One thing I love about games is a deep sense of progression. What I call a dimension of progression is a variety of mechanics which form a distinct gameplay. For a dimension to be nested in another one, the outcome of its execution must be persisted in an upper dimension which may be fed as input to its next execution. In that sense, Starcraft has 1D progression because a match has a distinct gameplay which forms the dimension, and the depth ends here because the outcome of the match will never affect the next one. void play_starcraft() { while (matchProgression < MATCH_END) { ++matchProgression; // 1st level of progression } } In other words, Starcraft experience is stored in memory as an array of matches: matches[]. Xcom campaigns have 2D progression because a battle may affect the next one. Loosing a soldier in this battle will lower your effective strength in the next. void play_xcom() { while (campaignProgression < CAMPAIGN_END) { ++campaignProgression; // 1st level progression while (battleProgression < BATTLE_END) { ++battleProgression; // 2nd level progression } } } Xcom experience is stored as an array of campaigns which is an array of battles: campaigns[battles[]]. Did you ever play a game with a 3rd or 4th dimension of progression? What are they? Do you prefer games with more or less dimensions of progression? In xcom, were you ever disappointed than all the effort you put in defeating the aliens would suddenly vanish at the end? What if you could capture planets and have: planets[campaigns[battles[]]] ? I'm sure a lot of people thought about it, does such a game already exists?
  12. Why A.I is impossible

    The answer depends on your definition of consciousness. If consciousness is the mere result of awake brain processing, then all we have to do is simulate brain processing and the AI will be able to become conscious which is more likely than the existence of an external spirit force.
  13. Critique of RTS gui design

    Good idea. If I'm reluctant on doing that, it's because this would double the amount of art needed. I will try it and see if it's worthed it. The goal is indeed to make it look like the picture you linked. I just haven't started working on the terrain features yet. Thank you for the feedback.
  14. Over-ambitious projects

    It's caused by the strong presence of magical thinking in the education of children. Mommy, why do I get presents at christmas? Because of magic Santa. Mommy, how does santa make all the presents? It's his magical elves. Mommy, how can he visit everyone in a night? Because magic reindeers. Mommy, why do we celebrate christmas? Because jesus was born from the virgin mary. Mommy, mary isn't a virgin if she gave birth.? You are wrong... because magic. Now adult: I'm going to make a game that took 1000 people to make all by myself, because magic.
  15. From the Creative Commons by attribution NoDerivs 3.0: If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. What does distribution of modified material means? Does that mean that if I add any modification to the source material, then the material becomes unusable by license or that it cannot be redistributed as such? Can I take an icon under this license, add an outline around it and distribute it in with game? Does adding an outline counts as modification of the source material? https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/
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