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  1. Dynamic world framework

    What you're asking for is a mechanic originating from strategy games. Any strategy game campaign that isn't following a scripted story is a dynamic campaign. Total war, civilisation, hearts of iron, sins of a solar empire, stellaris, distant worlds and crusader kings are all dynamic campaigns in which AI factions interact with each other and with the player without the presence of the player needed. As it was said, Mount and blade has a dynamic campaign, but instead of a classical strategy control scheme, you play with an RPGish control scheme to build and control your armies. To name a few, X3 terran conflict is a 4x space opera in a dynamic campaign. Dwarf fortress is a management game in a dynamic campaign. Stalker is a FPS game with some dynamic world elements. Arma has many dynamic campaign mods. As for the implementation, it's a strategy AI running in the background. In an RPG for example, the orc commander AI could evaluate its resources, spend them accordingly to train more troops and buy equipment and send them to attack or defend various targets all while the player is doing his own things. The combat happening outside of the player sight would be an approximate simulation because having thousands of orcs in live combat all over the world could kill your CPU very quickly.
  2. A good way to avoid extermination in RTS?

    @Telcontar and @ferrous seem to have the solution. What I understand is that I must make that a faction surrenders to me when his armies are weakened enough or make sure that a weakened enough army just isn't able to keep fighting anymore. A combination of both would make a lot of sense. I'll have to try how well this plays in game. Thank you.
  3. A good way to avoid extermination in RTS?

    This is a good step in solving the problem. But in total war, most battles end up with 50%+ casualties on the losing side which is far too high. I could make troops flee after 5-10% casualties, but that might be a bit boring. I want to lower casualties to 5-10% without having everyone fleeing the battlefield which I fixed by only sending a fraction of the whole army in battle. But then, it causes a grinding problem: if each battle only does 5-10% casualties, I have to fight a same army 10-20 times to defeat it. How to avoid this grinding?
  4. A good way to avoid extermination in RTS?

    I get the army fleeing the battlefield part. The problem is that the losing army, not having had many casualties, always comes back and makes you fight it a lot of times before you "disband" it. If the enemy army loses only 5-10% each battle, then it takes 10-20 battles to destroy. What should I do to avoid having to fight the same army 10-20 times?
  5. Most games are won with the total extermination of the enemy, but real life battles usually end with 5-10% of casualties with some rare deadly battles up to 30-50%. That's because real warfare is slow and it doesn't take much for people to lose morale and lose ground. I'm trying to make a semi-historical game and I really want to respect this reality of war. So far, what I do is that only a fraction of your army can be sent in battle at once. That way, the combat can be kept deadly, but at the end of a battle, you only lose a little percentage of your total army strength. The problem is that you have to do a lot of battles before an enemy army is completely destroyed which feels very grindy. How would you make battles rarely cause more than 5-10% causalities of an army, but keep a fast pace so that it doesn't get grindy and boring?
  6. Need Help Choosing Art Style

    Depends on the game. I prefer the first style for a side scroller. I prefer the second style for an RPG. It would take real gameplay so that I can feel what style fits better for the game.
  7. Who's your target audience and what is the goal of this project? The second image should be doable in your game platform. Just let the user use image sprites. Offer a large bank of public domain images so the user can have nice visuals easily. I wouldn't worry that all games look the same. If the user wants his game to look different, then he can upload his own images.
  8. Unique Resource Ideas for RTS Game

    Is there an official pdf manual online?
  9. Unique Resource Ideas for RTS Game

    I always liked these kinds of diversity in games, but I find it almost impossible to balance. It might be fine if the game is single player, but not really acceptable for multiplayer. How would you balance the asymmetric economies with the rest of the gameplay?
  10. Seven Tips for Starting Game Developers

    Very interesting, thank you. Would you mind to share where you found your guy who made a great set of sounds for less than $15 ?
  11. Should my game have an update client

    If I was to release my project, there's 6 platforms I know that I want to be on. Only 2 or 3 of those platforms have auto-updates. + : Positive - : Negative Use case 1: I don't make update client and use platform auto-update. + Users are familiar with their platform auto-update. - I must upload updates on all 6 platforms. - Platforms with no auto-update must be updated manually by users. Use case 2: I make update client and don't use platform auto-update. + Auto-update for everyone. + I don't have to upload updates on all platforms, only once on my update server. (streamlined process) - Users of auto-update platforms might be annoyed to deal with an other client. Use case 3: I make update client for platforms without auto-update and use auto-update of those that have it. + Auto-update for everyone. - I have to take care of 2 different kinds of auto-updates. (per platform and built-in, built-in being disabled when platform can do it)
  12. I posted here not knowing where this really belongs to. 1. I know that platforms like Steam installs updates automatically, but what about other platforms? Does GOG and humble store also install updates when available? 2. If they don't, is the player expected to download new patches manually or should I provide an update client with my game that would check for updates to download before starting the game? 3. If I provide an update client, can I choose to not use Steam update to streamline the update process?
  13. Reinventing the wheel

    Hi, I found something that contradicts what I've been told by a lot of people regarding reinventing the wheel. First, I'm not highly experienced in programming and game programming, but I have a couple years under my belt. Like many of you, I've had my experiences of reinventing the wheel. Sometimes by ignorance, sometimes just for fun. But, almost every time I did, I have been told by a teacher/coworker/mate that reinventing the wheel was a waste of time. That I shouldn't waste time trying to find a solution to something that has been solved by someone else. In the case of game programming, that I should use an existing engine. CD Projekt Red, the guys who made The Witcher series, wrote a letter regarding the management of their employees in which they shared what seems to me quite contradictory to what I always thought, and I quote: "We believe reinventing the wheel every friggin' time is what makes a better game. It's what creates innovation and makes it possible for us to say we've worked really hard on something, and we think it's worth your hard-earned cash." (source) This makes me think that I should go back to C + OpenGL for my next project. I'm curious what the more (or less) experienced people here think about this. Perhaps you can share a wiser understanding of this letter than I have.
  14. Is Phil Fish a Jerk?

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to say he is an aggressor. I wanted to talk about the facts. Trolls exist. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing. I'm telling you that if you go and insult everyone, there will be strong backslash. The backslash may not be deserved, but it will be there. The only thing you can do is learn public relations and insulting your whole fan base is not a good way to do PR. It's like putting your hand in lava and blaming the lava for burning your hand. The lava doesn't care if you deserve to be burnt. You will be burnt no matter what.
  15. Is Phil Fish a Jerk?

    I'm making reference to him insulting the entire Japanese gaming culture and insulting his own fanbase. The hate he received was caused by his own arrogant behaviour.