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  1. wildturkey

    Does violence stem from video games

    hell I would rather play Mario or Pacman over games like manhunt
  2. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    good info, this is exactly the info/opinions that I am looking for in my study. This is the expert knowledge/opinions that I need, are you sure you do not wish to participate in my study?
  3. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    I hear and understand where you are going with this, but in order for anyone to participate in any academic study they must willingly want to participate. trying to get people to participate any other way than willfully is against the ethical rules of conducting a academic study and would not be accepted by any university. unfortunately I have no control over that bias, I can only attempt to reach out and contact people and hope that they choose to participate, be they industry professionals, or less industry professionals, or even raw beginners. I also have no control over the issue of someone misrepresenting themselves, all studies conducted will have to deal with that issue if they are seeking expert opinions on any topic. The nature of my study (Once again) The Delphi Method is to analyze, record, and report the results. If the results show that due to those reasons you mentioned, it is skewed, then that is what I will report and advise that further research is needed on this topic. I also see that you have written and published a book, I congratulate you on your achievement. My study is quite the opposite, your book is showing people how to do something based off of your knowledge and experience on the topic of game development. My study is (attempting) to come to consensus on the issue that I am researching. Regardless of how the participants identify themselves (be it a true representation of their skills and knowledge on the topic or not). My job here is just to make sure that I accurately report the results of that, whatever they may be. I thank you for your input on this issue and I also believe that you would have a lot to contribute to my study if you wished to be a participant. If you do please send me a private message via this site as I need more experts like yourself to participate so that I can move forward with my study.
  4. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    I said that those articles just scratches the surface on this issue, there are more articles that go into more depth on this issue. companies like Nike would most likely have a dedicated server and company account that they would log all of their employees into on in Second Life, IBM has an Island in Second life that they use for meetings and conferencing, all someone has to do is look for these companies on these games and they can find them. it is not too hard. anyone who knows what they are doing can do some recon on someone , make a fake profile, and hack someone who is using a company server, after that they are in that companies network and can do whatever they want/are capable of doing. Trust me almost no one who works for a big company knows all of their IT staff by name/avatar. You do bring up good points though, would you be interested in participating my my study? I highly value your input and opinions, and it seems like you are the only one communicating with me on this topic.
  5. wildturkey

    Grown out of playing games

    there was a very good visual looking RPG called BASTION that came out that was really good if you are into RPGs. it only has about 9 hrs of gameplay but the story and gameplay are good
  6. wildturkey

    Need an Interview

    Thanks will do. I have been busy with work (work nights) so its hard for me to get to posts the same day
  7. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    I am well aware that the severs of the game and the servers of the company are not it the same location. But what you have to understand is that via a standard account form almost any MMORPG someone can hack into someones system (for example) by disguising themselves as trusted name/account and sending the person an external link/script to click on via chat, that is pretty much all it takes for someone who knows what they are doing to get into the other persons system. The connection between the two computers is the game client itself, as both parties are on the same sever. I have researched on this issue extensively but here is a good starter article to read on this that just scratches the surface.Playing it Safe: Avoiding Online Gaming Risks. Here is another one Security issues in online games It does not matter to a person that is trying to accomplish their goal of doing whatever harm they intend to do to an organizations systems, before anything can really be done to that person they can do their damage to that organization and its systems. I do apologize for that, I assumed that the people who were interested would send me a message via this site. When anyone who is interested wants/participate, they can send me a message via this site.Then we can exchange email addresses for further communication.
  8. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    I would like to clear something up. I am not a person working on a "paper for school, AA Degree, Bachelors degree, or even Masters thesis." I am a Doctoral candidate working on my Dissertation on my last year of my term for my doctorate. I have received permission from this this site to post on here to ask for participants for my study, actually this site came highly recommended from my committee chair as a great source to find experts in the game development field. I can see from past posts and responses that you have had other people here in a frantic rush trying to do last minute assignments. I can assure you that this is NOT what I am doing. I have been researching this topic for several years, have had to go through three residencies, many revisions and classes with my committee chair to get my dissertation approved by both internal and the governing body for academic bodies of work to be submitted, approved, and allowed to come to this point. I am looking to contribute to the knowledge on the topic of my research for the awareness of cyber threats to MMORPGs, and to have others use it in their research to also contribute further knowledge. When it is finished it will be submitted to scholarly and peer reviewed databases for students and people to use and view. I intend to follow all ethical and academic procedures for my study, hence the informed consent/permission forms. I take my work very seriously as I see do all of you. If anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a message via this site.
  9. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    Yes, they do. I am conducting a Delphi Method study. here is more info on that Delphi Method . All of the info will be posted, but the person who posted it will be kept anonymous, so all of the answers to the questions will be posted, but no names. The participants will either be doing this Via the SurveyMonkey website, or via email communication. At the very least contributing to the knowledge to the topic, and at the very best it might institute some of the suggestions that may come from the results of the study. Anything and everything from corporate espionage, identity theft, shutting down crucial (and possibly all ) of a companies systems, and more. once a system is compromised because it got hacked via second life or any MMORPG to the right person they can do whatever they want to that company or institution. You are a game developer, AKA one of the experts, YOUR knowledge and contribution to the topic will do a lot to improve the awareness of this topic to others. Companies, corporations, and schools would not use a non-known game that a terrorist would make to use for whatever their needs may be.
  10. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    Actually this is my dissertation, I have been researching for several years on this topic, the reason that time is of the essence is that as time advances so does technology, so the longer the study takes, the more research I have to continually do to keep it updated and current. I am actually asking the game developers opinions on what they think will make a game (in the MMORPG genre) more secure for business and schools to use for teaching, training ect from their point of view. everyone has a point of view or opinion on something, I am simply asking that opinion/point of view you can contact me via message from this site if you are interested, just like anyone from this site can send a message to anyone else on here. once that is established then other methods of communication will be given out. I am not selecting the pool of experts, the pool of experts on this site are the ones who choose to participate in my study or or not, it is up to them. Once again I am not selecting anyone, therefore there is no self-selection Bias, if the results are distorted it does not matter as I am merely seeking to report the results, and if distorted they will be reported as such. You can contact me via message from this site, The signed form is an informed consent form, which is standard protocol for anyone to have to sign if they are choosing to participate in any academic Dissertation/study on the Doctoral level, which I am pretty sure that all others asking for people to participate on this site are not doing. There are ethics rules that I must follow to conduct my study, that is why I ask for a signed informed consent form to be signed if you wish to participate in my study. None of what a participant does will distort my samples. If anyone wants more info in this issue they are free to send me a message via this site so that a channel of communication can be established.
  11. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    Scouting Ninja, when you asked " Do you mean loss to profit? Loss related to theft? " yes, and more. What would the game developer think needs to be done to make using an MMORPG for an organizations company more secure? For example IBM uses the MMORPG Second life, companies like Google, Nike, Toyota, and other use MMORPGs for various reasons. There exists a education program called "CLASSCRAFT" where the MMORPG style game is used to teach people from children to adults. Organizations and educational institutions use MMORPGs and are not aware of the possible cyber threats that go along with them. I also stated that the developer does not need to be a MMORPG developer but just a game developer. You also said " No one likes surveys and often only fill them out if it's about something that concerns them. MMORPG developers would not waste there time as they gain nothing from the survey ". With the Delphi method YOU the game developers will create the questions on the survey and then answer them, so it would be what you the developer thinks needs to be done, what is important.. ect, which I would think that something could be gained from taking the survey/questionnaire that you the developers create. You also stated " Have you considered that googling "Cyber Threats to Online Gaming and Education" would yield better results. It would provide you with opinions of developers collected over years and studies into cyber threats. " The type of study I am doing requires the current opinions of participants collected and analyzed over several rounds, not opinions that have already been published. I thank you for responding and giving me your opinion, but I must ask the site if your opinion and views are similar with theirs. and if it is I hope that I have given enough of an answer to think about participating, if not please feel free to comment below and ask whatever questions, and give whatever opinions you want.
  12. wildturkey

    Looking for Partcipants/Game developers for my Study

    I see that this has over 300 plus views. Any reasons as to why anyone does not wish to participate?
  13. wildturkey

    Does violence stem from video games

    I will have to say no on that one, as a matter of fact , a scholarly and peer reviewed study was done and it shows the exact opposite, that when someone is feeling violent/having violent thoughts playing a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 takes away these urges and satisfies the violent urges a person might have had. it also shows that even if you did not have any violent thoughts when you played the game and did things like kill hookers and innocent people it did not make people feel like going out and doing any of those things. sorry I do not have the link to the article as I am busy conducting a study of my own right now. filled out the survey, hope it helps.
  14. wildturkey

    Need an Interview

    I am finishing up my dissertation and also need game developers. Please keep me informed if and when you get people for your paper.
  15. wildturkey

    Why watching movies is a necessity for games

    I would have to say yes for a few reasons, as now the game industry has surpassed the movie industry in profits (not sure now in today time ) and are given big budgets (sometimes) to make the game epic, everything from sound to graphics, and if the game is going to mimic a movie the yes it would be beneficial to watch to get reference material and possibly cut scenes from the movie. But if not then I would have to say no, the format of your game could be completely different from any movie.
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