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  1. LonelyStep

    [WIP] Punch-A-Bunch android game project

    UPDATE: New version released that implements different fighter configurations. Players can choose between four different punching arms, four boxing arms, and four heads. Each has their own unique appearance and special effect during a match. I am now shifting to adding an AI fighter that will allow for a singleplayer mode to the game.
  2. PROGRESSThought I'd reach out for some feedback on my little project. This is an android two-player game for top-down boxing matches. The core mechanics are all that I have accomplished thus far, later I want to add different configurations for your boxer (special effects, increased health or damage, etc) and maybe even a single player AI to practice against.SCREENSHOTS #1 *****************************************************************#2 FEEDBACKRight now the gameplay feedback I'm looking for is on the fundamental mechanics of the game.One area of particular concern is the window of opportunity for a player to block after their opponent has begun a punch. Currently that window is one-tenth of a second, otherwise you will be to late to counter their blow. I want it to be difficult to successfully pull off a block and have it be something that requires real attention to accomplish. I'm wondering though if it isn't too difficult right now, which may encourage mindless button mashing, which is certainly not what I want to condone.Another consideration is whether having three main actions (block, attack, charge) provides a good balance. My idea with having three main areas is that your two thumbs will have to leave one section uncovered at all times. This should result in hand movements that telegraph actions to the opponent.Aside from these, any other constructive criticism is very welcome.LINKMy game can be found at the Google Play Store here: There is a known graphics error when performing a special punch. There are no doubt other unknown errors as well. Thank you for your time, I hope you'll be able to find some fun in this little game!
  3. LonelyStep

    Where to purchase multitrack music loops?

    Thank you both. Each of your explanations were very helpful, and make sense of the patterns I've seen in music packages.
  4. In my research I've been able to find plenty of sites that provide royalty-free music available for purchase. But most of these tend to provide a single audio file with every instrument track already blended and mixed together. I'm more interested in the dynamic music route, and would want to download a bundle of audio files (one for bass, one for kick, etc) and in my game I can just bring them in and out based off of what's going on. When things are quiet just have the bass line repeating and when things get chaotic the full piece is going. Obviously each track would need to be on the same beat and designed to work well with each other part. Is there any place that such multitrack loops could purchased? Thanks.
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