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  1. Thank you that will help alot. Answer to your question: I found lots of information on how old MUDs were created but hardly any on how to work on a MUD today.
  2. Hi there, I have worked on multiple games in the past: text based/2D/3D. But now I want to make an mmo, specifically a text based one, known as a MUD. The thing is I don't know much about making them, I know: Loads of: C#, Python A bit of: HTML & JS Hardly any of: C++, Java What I would like to know is: How should I go about the networking? I know some sockets but don't like using others libraries. Is there any information on the topics that I haven't been able to find? And mainly, what language should I use. I am willing to learn a new one. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE I have done research.
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