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  1. Hi Everyone , We are a Distributed game develoment team composed of young professionals and students who are looking to create great quality short action game . with fast paced action gameplay similar to popular action titles like Bayonetta , Devil May Cry . The game will bring innovations to action combat and will try to challenge the formula of action combat. The game will have Semi realistic artstyle which is similar to tiltes like Overwatch. The team need concept artists who are willing to take part in the design and planning process of the levels and will be able to communicate ideas clearly to the team members. if you need more information or have any questions questions about the project you can email me : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
  2. Hi Everyone We are a distibuted group of youg developers / artists who share a commun goal . we believe in our ability to make high quality games that challenges the status quo and will prove our skills as professional developers/artists. The game we are making is a fast paced action game that will try to add to the existing formula of action combat. it will be a short 1-2 hour adventure set in arabian inspired universe we focus more on giving the best quality possible no matter how short the game will be. As we are geeting colser to start the actual game production we are in need of talented environment artists that are interested in the learning process as well as the collaborative experince of game development If you are a 3d artist and willing to take part in this journey of learning that will help you build a strong portfolio as well as help you get actual game develoment experience that I would very much be happy to welcome you to this challenge. Email : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
  3. A new game development team is looking for a sound artist to create music and sound for an action game (Like DmC or Bayonetta) with unique gameplay concept. the Game is set in an Arabian/Middle eastern world with fantasy elements. The scope of the project is small as we plan to provide 1-2 hours of gamelpay and we like to focus on the quality. We are looking for someone to help creating the music for the game so if you are willing to take part in this endevor and get a oppertunity to practice and improve your music , feel free to send me an email : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
  4. Hey guys. We are a groupe of students/graduates trying to build our portfilios by creating a short action game (DMC/God of war like) with a unique take on close combat. The game will be set in an arabian / oriental universe kinda similar to Prince of Persia universe and it will be developed in Unreal engine 4 . We are currently a Programmer and 2 artists and looking for great additions to our team and we are looking for . An Animator to create combat animations. a Programmer to help in the gameplay (C++ or Blueprints). a 3D Character artist preferably knows UE4 if you got some skills in one of these areas and willing to take part in this team you then email me at : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
  5. Hey there ! are you an ambitious individual who want to make a change in the game industry and get noticed ? have you been dreaming about creating a enxtraordinary gaming experience that will bring a touch of innovation that the industry is wating for? are you willing to enjoy the process of making games and learn and imporove your skills in the same time? then i welcome you to take part of this journey where we will explore new possibilities and ideas and put our dreams into action How is that ? i am looking to build an environment where we try to bring innovation in all aspects of video games this includes gamepaly , art , design , sound/music and even Marketing. we will have fun experimenting our craziest ideas and transforming them into a real project while we learn from each other and improve our skills. so if you are into 3D Environment art / 3D Character art / level design / programming / music or anything else and you want to help make something with different from what we have been seeing over and over in the market and if you think you've got what it takes to make a positive impact on gaming and if you want enjoy the process of game making dont hesitate to contact me. so why don't you tell me why you're interested and never hesitate to send your portfolio/side project if you have one. be sure to drop me an email : achrafgarai@hotmail.com or find me on facebook : www.facebook.com/achraf.garai
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