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  1. Hi there, We are small indie team developing a casual mobile game. We are trying to implement the following two effects in our game. 1. Ice to Normal Blocks: https://youtu.be/q71RaKHn-iw?t=1227 Here a nice particle effect happens when all the ice blocks are turned to normal blocks. We want to do this. // Aiming Dots: https://youtu.be/q71RaKHn-iw?t=127 We want to implement this aiming dots for a ball in our game. Does anyone know – 1. How to implement these two effects? We have a good programmer. Any link to an online reference will be enough. 2. Is there a asset at Unity asset store that could help us? Thanks. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. If you want to make the coolest games the world has ever seen, you found the right team. I assembled a team of 1. One game entrepreneur, designer, producer (me) 2. One graphics artist (with me) 3. One animator (with me) 4. One sound developer (remote) 5. Two voice actors (remote) I am looking for a programmer to do the coding for the project. Someone passionate, loving and caring, willing to give all it requires. I am looking for someone who knows 1. Unity 2. C# 3. Preferably has computer studies background
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