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  1. Soul of Mask released and announcements

    Today is the first day after the release. Let some time past and I'll tell you the details. As for the marketing, it is not very easy to do for a developer. However, I did what I could: Tweeter, Keymailer, etc.
  2. Soul of Mask released and announcements

    Now that Soul of Mask is released, I will focus on bug reports if any and I announce that I am already working on the next game, I will make blog entry to show progressions. This time I 'll not wait to the end of project.
  3. having a hard time with Sdl2 on mac. The code compiles well but at runtime, Mix_init failed with this error: OGG Support Not Available Strange thing as I installed sdl2_mixer like this: brew install SDL2_mixer --with-libvobis this is the code for initialization int flags = MIX_INIT_OGG; int initted = Mix_Init(flags); if ((initted & flags) != flags) { printf("Mix_Init: Failed to init SDL_Mixer\n"); printf("Mix_Init: %s\n", Mix_GetError()); MSG_EXIT("Exiting ",1); }
  4. Soul of Mask close to release

    Hey, Me again, I got some problem with SDL2_mixer on macOs, actually I am thinking about cancelling MacOs version as I found no solution to play sounds in this platform. Looks like we will stick with Windows and Linux. Good news, the development is about to be close now. and i provide 3 videos for Tutorial, Mask power presentation, and an easy level to show the gameplay. Tutorial : Mask Presentation: Gameplay. Before each level, the level takes something like 1 to 5 seconds to load depending on the computer, so I added loading screen that presents all the different characters in the game. here you have one. hope you will like it.
  5. I Am Overburdened, it’s alive!

    I didn't follow the developpment but now I am following the release and just got it :') Ut reminds me Wesnoth at its beginning.
  6. Soul of Mask

    Didn't expect a so quick comment. thanks. I am not good in communication, I'll try to post as much information as i can. I don't want to flood either, feel free to tell me when it is too much. Thanks for your comment.
  7. Soul of Mask

    Hi, My name is Alain Perrin,I come here to present my project (actually almost finished) of game. Soul Of Mask already announced on steam. It is, unfortunately, a one-man job. 3 years of pleasure and nightmares. But it is still a joy to work on it. I was supposed to start talking about this game at least one year ago it is probably a big mistake a made. Anyways better late than never. It is a game about a mask supposed to collect one object and avoid enemies on the map with Pacman view. The main character has to take a mask to be able to collect those object. Those masks have some powers like burning enemies, feezing... by using a power of a mask it is lost. The game is supposed to be released on steam at the end of this month (nov 25th 2017). The game is writen C/SDL, graphics assets are made with gimp and audio lmms/audacity. current status of a game is debug/testing. More info are coming soon. for the moment you can have a look at indiedb and steam Video of the game gameplay: