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  1. I will add something to give you an Idea of what you may do. I am writing now the graphic part of my new game using only Opengl, It is already about 11000 lines of code to do do what needs something like 400 lines with SDL2. So as they already told you unless you want to learn or/and just love the process of writing game, just go with a game engine. This thing eat time and you need ALOT of motivation to not stop in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Organization and prioritizing

    Didn't know this channel, it is full of useful informations
  3. Organization and prioritizing

    Let me tell you my case and you can see what can be useful for you. let say Super Mario Bros didn't exist and I imagined it. Yes I will write on paper most of the game mechanic and all the feature I want to see in it for a period of time T (pure example T = 3 days) during those 3 days, I'll compile ideas without thinking about anything else. Then when it will be time for working on the game, I'll just work on Marion and Mario only. all his possible movement. it is an easy and near goal: - make Mario move. - make Mario jump. - long jump. - crouch, - transform. (grow, reduce size, fire ball) you can notice that all of those steps can be more or less challenging but they are small enough for me to finish it before losing motivation. Then let go to something else. Your main charactere is ready, you can continue like this for each step.It is not forbidden to add features to Mario but not during the implementation of something else. The question you may ask is how I make steps list. Well, this will depend on how I make the game (Game engine or not, Reusing previous code or not, ...).
  4. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    @KonamiCode so fun, I think you should have been hired to work on Superman 64. the game would have been better
  5. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    better feeling right? good job anyway
  6. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    hello @Tazbird can I ask you to add something more? when we shoot it will be nice if you put a sound or an animation to show that we did something. good job dude.
  7. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    I like the concept, It will be a very addictive game on mobile.
  8. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    Challenge almost finished and there is not so much post. come on guys do something.
  9. Missile Command

    Hi, happy to see that you learn something, I think we should all do this kind of challenge more often. I just had a quick look at coco, looks interesting specially for android :D.
  10. I Am Overburdened, recap and numbers

    I watched your video, looks like I made most of the same mistakes
  11. 2018 Challenge Missile Command

    Just updated the sources, I forgot the specific power of the second tower, those who did downloaded, please do it again. Sorry
  12. Missile Command Challenge

    Hummm, nice the idea of explosion to destroy things. I should really give a try to unity.
  13. 2018 Challenge Missile Command

    On Linux usually you just install the library, honestly static linking sucks, the exec will be huge for no reasons at all plus as gamer you should install sdl once for all. I don't know the package manager for linux mint, I can show you the command for fedora and just adapt it four linux mint #dnf install SDL2 SDL2_ttf SDL2_mix SDL2_image for windows, i provided because it is not simple as it is on Linux to install. I never been able to use a mac everything I do there is a failure so I just gave up.
  14. 2018 Challenge Missile Command

    yep, I tried to make a little bit like a tower defense. I don't think I will have to come back to correct the code, I am working on 2 other projects. but feel free to enjoy hacking it It worked on Fedora and Debian, can you open it in a terminal and read the error? you have to install those dependencies: SDL2,SDL2_ttf, SDL2_mix, SDL2_image. Yeah, the windows version comes with all those DLL. but if you already have it on your system it should be ok.
  15. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    My turn. Source file and exec are in the zip here https://github.com/wybifu/missile_command/archive/master.zip and also : and album
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