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  1. Hello, everybody! I have a little problem. I was modelling a highpoly model and realised that some of my belts are very thin. So can i use just a plane as a low poly object for them. I've never used a planar objects for lowpoly, but i think that if I will use them I need to have a separate material for them, because it should be doublesided.
  2. Free art assets

    Hello everyone. I don't know is it a good place to share my link, but I have a small collection of grenades and I want to share them with people. They are totally free - https://gum.co/xOlQD
  3. 3D Character Creating

    Thanks everyone, information is really useful. So I managed to create a person by the following way. Firstly made a body with some proportions in MakeHuman (http://www.makehuman.org/), to tell you the truth, this models not very good looking, but this is the best solution for basemesh. That is why after this step I went to tne Marvelous Designer (https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/) and created some clothes. After that I put clothes model in 3ds MAX, made boots and helmet. Then retopology and skinning. Don't know how it work in unity but in UE4 there is an option where you can combine two skeletal meshes together. That is why I desided to make armour and pouches as a second skeletal mesh. And then, you know, some basic stuff like UVs, texturing. I' ve created basemesh in MakeHuman only to make clothes in marvelous and never use it after it. So I want to say that I realised that this is not very complicated process and it allows you to create characters very easy. But in my situation there some special things. Character don't have a face, it's covered under the helmet, but if your character have an open face this way will not work for you on 100%.
  4. 3D Character Creating

    Thaks a lot. It is very useful information. Actually I've made my character, created the base mesh in MakeHuman, add details with 3DS Max and some clothing with Marvelous. For me Daz Studio seems very interesting program and may be I will touch it in the future. I didn't exported bones and maybe it was right desicion. Any way thanks to everyone again. This was my first humanoid character and I'm very happy with it. Learned very a lot while making it. But there is steel a big way to bring it to the engine: texturing, rigging, skinning, animating. This parts are familiarly to me, thats way I should pass them without any serious problems.
  5. 3D Character Creating

    My game style is realistic.
  6. 3D Character Creating

    Hello, everybody. While making some models for my game I' ve found a problem. I don't know how to create a base mesh for humanoids. I mean i don't need a regular male from ZBrush or whatever. My modelling skills can't help me in this situation. May be there is some sort of program which helps to create a basemesh for human?
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  12. 3D Jetpack Action

    Thaks for your advise. I'have already found a tutorial on this theme. Actualy I have already created simple BluePrints for my character. Hi can walk and run any direction, jump. But now I need to do this last steps - ability to use jetpack and add shooting actions.
  13. 3D Jetpack Action

    Actually I didn't create anything. I don't know where I should start. This thing must work as a jump, but very big and when character will reach some height he wiil stop lifting and you will be able to control your character. He will stay in the air till energy bar reach the end. After that he returns on the ground. I know that there is a node in UE4 which is called "Launch Character". But I'm not sure that I need it.
  14. 3D Jetpack Action

    Hello everybody! I've got a little problem. I need to create jetpack action. The main target is when I will press some button on my keybord my character will fly in the sky and stay here for some time then he will remove to the ground. I'm working with Unreal Engine 4 with blueprints.
  15. 3rd Person shooter

    Here I will post some fotages of my first game project.
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