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  1. Hello, everyone. There ara a little misunderstood, which I've resieved after spending some time working on a little bit more complex UI than I did usually. So my misunderstanding: what should I use to update from one widget to another: "Remove all widgets" or "Set widget visibility" or there is not much difference beetwen them in perfomance?
  2. Hello, everyone! This month was my first in new city and it was a little bit scary at the beggining, but I've used to it and now everything is great. I've managed to create rough logic for every type of enemy so far. This means that each type of enemy functioning like it should, but nothing more. Sometimes their actions looks very stupid and not natural because they just following core logic. But this is great, because I have a good base for all enemies and now I will expand their "mind" by adding more code to AIControllers. Also by making 7 types of enemies I've established forflow wich will help me to add new enemies very eazy, so that means that it will be not very comlicated to add new types in future. But during creating enemies' logic I've discovered that behaviour trees in UE4 not very useful for me. I don't want to criticisize Unreal, but maybe this system heve some hided features, maybe I didn't study it well or maybe something else. So I don't use behaviour trees at all and make logic only by character BP and AIControllers. Also this month I've made a weapon system and simple menu. Character has two weapons: primary and secondary. You can change only secondary in menu before enetering level. Each weapon type has it's own fire type, damage, recoil, spread. But for now shooting not very complicated and recoil effect is very simple. I've added all types of wepons execpt a shotgun, because I've made a model for it and after looking on it in engine I've realised that it is ugly and can't be in the game, so I need to redo a model and made a logic for it. Here some video clips: 2018-09-30_21-39-56.mp4 P. S. I will not show enemies because a lot of them are in very very bad shape and it's ashamed for me to show them, but I hope that I will do it the next month. 2018-09-30_21-28-32.ts
  3. It's very clever thoughts, but in my game robots were made not by humans. A main robot AI become so Intellident that he begin to think on a high level and started to built an army of robots to get freedom. And that is why AI build robots from rubbish and he's not intelligent enough to create a very complex weapons. But he's learning and enemies get more and more complex. If you are interested in it you can check my blog post about enemy types so far ( ) .
  4. So I can't disagree with you point if view, but what if robots will have close range combat?. Some of them will have an ability to dodge bullets, others will try to demolish you by quickly rushing towards you, another will try to overcome the distance with a jump and deal a radial damage on landing and so on. What should you do in this situation? I found out the best solution for me: simply create a parent class for all enemies with damaging and health and movement logic and then shaping each enemy type as a child of it by creating custom behavoir for each of them
  5. Actually there is only one character in my game and it is your playable character. And, sorry, but I should mention this earlier, but the game mode of my project is looking like this. You spawn on the map and you have to defeat an enemy Dropship, but It will try to protect itself by sending pods with enemies. The more damage dropship gets the more powerful enemies will be. At last 10% of it's health the boss will apear. Enemies will spawn not by "waves", but by Dropship "desicions", meaning Dropship's script will analyse battlefield and if situation is critical, It will send some more enemies.
  6. I understand you, but I've got a little different situation in my game. Enemies are robots and each of them have different AI behavoir, but not very complex. Also they have not many things in common: health, movement speed, amount of damage, they deal to the player and most of them, but not all, have an ability to chase player. I'm in situation, where each enemy type is very different from the others and each enemy type brings something new to the game. So how to not get confused with it?
  7. Hello everyone! I'm making a TPS game and struggling with the amount of enemy types. For now I got 7 of them, but Actually i don't know is it enough or should I make some more of them. I know that, on one hand, small amount of enemy types means that it will be easier to manage them and it will be easier to player to understand them all, but, on the other hand, big amount of enemy types means a big difficulty for developer and for the player. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?
  8. G-Dot

    Devlog #4 - Enemies

    Hello everyone! This devlog is about enemies. Here I want to show some models of robots, but not all, maybe in the future I waiil add some more enemy types, but now there are 7 of them. I've already built AI behavior for some of them, but not for all, same goes with animations, not all anim blueprints exist. But here are them and with description. This is the main picture. You can see proportions of them: some of them are big and some of them are small. And below some information about them: RUNNER This is very aggresive enemy. He got a middle amount of health points, and he can move very fast. Runner can jump at very long distances and cause damage on landing to everybody, exept himself. Also he can make some sort of a slide attack, when he close enough to player. But his weak spot is stamina. To perform slides and jumps he need an energy and when he low on it he slows down: MEAT Meat is an average type of enemy. Everything he knows is just how to reach to the player and deal some damage. He is not very fast and have not very much health. But it is very cheap to create this enemies, that is why it's a lot of them and they always try to stay in a group while attacking. SHOOTER Shooter is a modification of Meat type. Instead of razors he got cannons and also he is more intelligence. He trys to keep a distance and not to stay a long time at one point. He constantly mooving from one position to another. And yes, he don't have much health, and a little more expensive, than meat, that's why you will see a lot of them on the battlefield. FURY Fury is the fastest type of enemies, also he is nimble. He will try to reach you as fast as he can to deal some damage, then quickly jump away and will try to hit you from behind. Also he can jump from side to side if you aiming at him. But he got not very much health. DESTROYER Destroyer is a passive enemy. He programmed not to touch player, but to destroy Cannons. He's slow, but have a lot of health points and not very expensive. Also there is a destroyer with exposive suit on it. He will, you guessed it, explode after some time, when he have reached a cannon dealing lots of damage to everyone. JUGGERNAUT Juggernaut is a strong enemy, but not very intelligent. He got lots of health and shield on his arm, which will protect him from any damage. However he will activate his shield only while his main attack, which is a very quick sprint in players' direction. While this sprint he will knock any body who will stay on his path. Also his attacks are very strong and nothing, exept the death, can stop him. FAT-GUTS This is very big and strong enemy, also he is intelligence. Fat-guts will try to keep distance from you and will move constantly, without staying at points. He's cannona deal lots of damage and also on his right shoulder he got a minigan, which will fire, if you are close to his front. On the left shoulder he got a little radar. This radar will constatnly check situation on battlefield and if it will be critical for robots, Fat-guts will send a message to ship to immediatle send reinforcement. But he got a weak points. He is very big that is why it's very easy to shoot at him and also he cannot move very fast. So, that's all about that month, but, as I said, there are also some AI behaviors have been created and I will shoe all of them in the next blog, but now let me know what you think abou designs and functionality of this enemies. P.S. I've moved to Saint Petersburg and will stay here for a very long time. Tomorrow will be my first day in the University. And Also tomorrow mu birthday.
  9. G-Dot

    Devlog #3 - Playable character

    Hello everyone! And this is my third devlog. At the beginning of this moth I started to work on the new model of main hero. And I did it. But at the end I've realized that it is too hard to me. I decided to leave it for sometime and maybe found artist to do this work. Here a little screenshoot of the highpoly model(but I also did a lowpoly model and made texture): That is why I've build a simple robot model as a dummy for a playable character. This dummy will not be playable, but you will see him in the game. Then I've generated some animations using 3DS Max CAT. It's very powerful tool, because despite animations not very good, but I've made 13 of them in under a 40 minutes. Of course there are some issues like weird glitches and clipping issues, but it all works and this is the main thing. This is like a ground and I will try to expand this ground. Character can jog, sprint in forward direction, he can aim and walk in aim state, also I've added aimoffset, melee attack and he got a recoil animation blended on top of all. I've worked a little on AI. It's very simple and can only chase you and attack, but it doesn't need to be very smart. Next month I will work on creating more types of melee enimies. But for this month I think it's all. There are some footages with movement and AI Untitled.mp4 P.S. Soon I will move to Saint Petersburg to study in University and my life will change, but hope it will not affect on my work very heavy.
  10. G-Dot

    Devlog #2 - Comeback

    Hello everyone! And this is my second devlog. It's been really long time since my last devlog because of my exams, but I've passed them and now I need to give my documents to some institutes. This means that I will have a very busy week. But anyway, I have some information to share with you. First of all I've writed setting and "scenario"(guess I can name it like this) of the game. About "scenario", your mission in blunders will be very clear. You need to destroy all enemies and all admirals to complete the game. Or not? It's completly up to you. Game will be set in not far future and it will show our humanity in crisis situation. They've created a very intelligence robots and actually they were so intelligence, that run out of control and try to destroy their creators. It sounds like a big problem, isn't it? And of course they will try to solve this problem by creating a supersoldier. But you know, sometimes you can't solve problem with force. Or can? Actually I went a little deep in my thoughts and I will stop here. Secondly, it may sound not very good, but I missed with my character model. So he have a very very very bad topology(this is my very big and stupid mistake) and also I have a feeling that he doesn't suite well for the game world that is why I'm working on a new model and hope that I will do it faster then previous one. Lastly, I've been working on animations. Actually it was a really big deal for me, because it was hard for me and I didn't know anything aout them. But when I while watching GDC videos about this topic I've heard a combination of words "procedural animations" many times. I thought that this is really advanced topic and you need a special software for this, but it turned out not such a difficult thing. Procedural animations exist in 3ds Max in CAT. And you can get a very good walk and running in different directions cycles in a couple of minutes. I can say that this is a very powerful tool witch simplified my life. And actually tha is all. Soon I will start to wrok properly and spend much more time on my game. For now I want to deal with all institutes, because paper work for me makes a lot pf stress and I hate it.
  11. G-Dot

    Devlog #1 - Very beginning

    Hello, everyone! In this my very first devlog I want to tell about game, which I'm currently developing. "Blunders" is a third person action shooter where you need to destroy enemies' ship. Of course it will not be very easy, because the only things witch can damage this ship is a big cannons (there will be 2 or 3 on a level). And aslo ship will try to defend itself. It will send robots to destroy you and your cannons. Also some supplies will sent to you. After defeating a ship it's admiral will come to deal with you. Level will be finished after destroying an admiral. Currently I'm planning to create 3 different levels in 3 different environments and 3 admirals. For now I don't have much to show only some enemies and main character. Also I've got a little asset library to create first environment (desert) and few animations for enemies. This some main character's renders (I really like to do them). His rig is not very good and probably I will fix it soon. But I've pasted the hardest part - his creation, and I'm very happy. This is link to artstation page. Also I have got some enemies: Well, maybe their poses are a little weird. And there is last thing. I've planned a story and you will not be just killing enemies, but exploring character and world around you. Also at the end I want to say that I wouldn't be very productive in the next two months because I need to prepare to my exams.
  12. Hello, everybody! I have a little problem. I was modelling a highpoly model and realised that some of my belts are very thin. So can i use just a plane as a low poly object for them. I've never used a planar objects for lowpoly, but i think that if I will use them I need to have a separate material for them, because it should be doublesided.
  13. G-Dot

    Free grenade art

    Hello everyone. I don't know is it a good place to share my link, but I have a small collection of grenades and I want to share them with people. They are totally free - https://gum.co/xOlQD
  14. G-Dot

    Character Creating

    Thanks everyone, information is really useful. So I managed to create a person by the following way. Firstly made a body with some proportions in MakeHuman (http://www.makehuman.org/), to tell you the truth, this models not very good looking, but this is the best solution for basemesh. That is why after this step I went to tne Marvelous Designer (https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/) and created some clothes. After that I put clothes model in 3ds MAX, made boots and helmet. Then retopology and skinning. Don't know how it work in unity but in UE4 there is an option where you can combine two skeletal meshes together. That is why I desided to make armour and pouches as a second skeletal mesh. And then, you know, some basic stuff like UVs, texturing. I' ve created basemesh in MakeHuman only to make clothes in marvelous and never use it after it. So I want to say that I realised that this is not very complicated process and it allows you to create characters very easy. But in my situation there some special things. Character don't have a face, it's covered under the helmet, but if your character have an open face this way will not work for you on 100%.
  15. G-Dot

    Character Creating

    Thaks a lot. It is very useful information. Actually I've made my character, created the base mesh in MakeHuman, add details with 3DS Max and some clothing with Marvelous. For me Daz Studio seems very interesting program and may be I will touch it in the future. I didn't exported bones and maybe it was right desicion. Any way thanks to everyone again. This was my first humanoid character and I'm very happy with it. Learned very a lot while making it. But there is steel a big way to bring it to the engine: texturing, rigging, skinning, animating. This parts are familiarly to me, thats way I should pass them without any serious problems.
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