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  1. This could be awesome , but could make things worse(A lot of bad quality games being released), but I hope Engine devs will do awesome job
  2. Looking for a game engine.

    Well good news for me , I use 4.6 now, so in which version they made import video possible? Man , I was working with Unity for about 1+ years now, hearing this cons makes me think about it, but I invested so much time in it so its so hard to change engine, what would you advice?
  3. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Well thats cool, how much time aprrox till some kind of Alpha version? or you will make it full and then release it?
  4. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    I didnt play Warcraft 2 on PC I played it on PS1 I think(Deffinatelly striped version), does Heroes Level up there? I remember on Warcraft they some kind of did
  5. Looking for a game engine.

    Disagree about Unity, a lot of people talking trash here about it, and honestly dont know why, I have about 1Year proper expierience with it, and didnt need to buy anything yet, you can build proper games with it, only downside I have that you need PRO version to put videos in your game
  6. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Its shaping up quet fAst How many units you have in your plans? Do you make Graphics/Coding/Music yourself?
  7. Animation Doubt?

    Awesome job! Youre like Sherlock in this thing
  8. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Most importantly, youre having fun making it, and I see your progress often keep it up , Im waiting for this one
  9. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

  10. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    I did spend some money on micro transactions before, but as I sayed, Im old-School, I like to get product already fully done, for example I pay full price for New game, Im exited AF, but wait... There is a CAP limit!!!! I need to buy DLCs to expand my CAP limit, Its complete money ripping scheme nowadays, and as I sayed before , If game is Free to play and doesnt have in game adds than Im up to it, sometimes just to help developer
  11. Which is better? (2d, android)

    Well it depends, its early version have it in mind, so Im sure its going to improve
  12. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    Yeah, blender is awesome thing, and its free tough
  13. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Love it so far mate , awesome work, what price range youre planing on it?
  14. New Here So...HI all

    Without scripting you need to get coder or forget about your idea entirelly, its hard truth, there is no ways around in coding
  15. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    I advice you to make bone animation if you dont have proper graphics artist in your studio