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  1. Hi guys, Im interested what other Devs in this forum is up to, I think there is more people like me, so lets follow each other on Twitter, mine - https://twitter.com/ZiZuLot (I will follow back everyone who is following me)
  2. Well, If I were in your place I would Improve graphics a lot, because its looks like placeholders in alpha version, than i would slightly tweak gameplay
  3. zizulot

    Spin Racer

    Looks fun, didnt played it yet, but those roads creeps me out
  4. zizulot

    I'm new here

    Buy? Maybe he can make other things himself? Coding part is MUST
  5. For a first game its looks good, but definatelly there is a lot of things to improve
  6. zizulot

    Locomotive Rigging

    Make a plan, like Im assuming youre doing with game, It always better to understand how things work in real life, Try youtube or google when people detaching / ataching things in real life
  7. zizulot

    Looking for a game engine.

    Love your reply, you helped me a lot , I will try my hand on Unreal, if something than I will dump it and get back to Unity
  8. zizulot

    Looking for a game engine.

    I know about changing things up makes you mfrustrated, but before Unity I was working with Game Maker for a while, then decided to move up to Unity, to be honest it was way much more difficult engine to understand but I was happy with it, I will give Unreal engine a try, mostly Im making 2D 2.5D games, so thats whats made me to choose Unity, I have no idea which language Unreal using I think C++ , is it hard to move between c++ and c#? Thats awesome , I have Unity 5.5 aswell as 2017 so thats no problem, Im just using 4.6 just for a while, I will move up gradually
  9. Well lets hope so , as much as I want to believe in everything I see promising I always stay pesimistic about it
  10. zizulot

    Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Well smooth animations is mostly in a finishing touches, personally I dont even care about them now
  11. This could be awesome , but could make things worse(A lot of bad quality games being released), but I hope Engine devs will do awesome job
  12. zizulot

    Looking for a game engine.

    Well good news for me , I use 4.6 now, so in which version they made import video possible? Man , I was working with Unity for about 1+ years now, hearing this cons makes me think about it, but I invested so much time in it so its so hard to change engine, what would you advice?
  13. zizulot

    Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Well thats cool, how much time aprrox till some kind of Alpha version? or you will make it full and then release it?
  14. zizulot

    Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    I didnt play Warcraft 2 on PC I played it on PS1 I think(Deffinatelly striped version), does Heroes Level up there? I remember on Warcraft they some kind of did
  15. zizulot

    Looking for a game engine.

    Disagree about Unity, a lot of people talking trash here about it, and honestly dont know why, I have about 1Year proper expierience with it, and didnt need to buy anything yet, you can build proper games with it, only downside I have that you need PRO version to put videos in your game
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