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  1. Exit: A Biodelic Adventure [Greenlight]

    Whoa! This looks amazing (and quite psychedelic so you chose a great mashup for the game title.) Looking forward to checking this out!
  2. Snake Heroes (mobile & FREE)

    I really like it! I love how each of your heroes are capable of leveling up/evolving, and that they each have their own HP bars. That's a really nice touch. The timer also adds a challenging dynamic to it. The only thing I might add is an infinite feature without the timer, so people can see how many heroes they can collect (like classic snake). Of course, that may be super hard to implement, so no worries. Just a thought. Great work!
  3. Snake Heroes (mobile & FREE)

    What a neat spin on a classic game (and one of my favorite classic games). Watched the trailer and now I'm hooked. Downloading it from the App store now!
  4. I am looking for this tutorial (2D art)

    I like this aesthetic, too. Thanks for the tutorial recommendations!
  5. Agreed! That way you're never really disappointed lol
  6. Yeah, I thought about that. There's a pro and a con to everything. But, optimist that I am, I'm hoping that some truly great voices emerge--loud enough to rise above the noise.
  7. Hello, Everyone! My name is Kat, I'm the Community Manager for Bouncy Smash -- an energetic iOS roguelike-ish action platformer developed by IV Studio. I'm a lifelong gamer (courtesy of my parents) and am fortunate to work in an industry that speaks to my heart. I also have an interest in developing my own indie title (one day, when I stop being scared - lol). I look forward to exploring all of your wonderful work and learning from you! In the meantime, I have some awesome news I’d like to share. Bouncy Smash is a love letter to the likes of Super Smash Bros., Monument Valley, Donkey Kong, and Alto's Adventure. I'm excited to announce that Bouncy Smash was nominated by Playcrafting for The 2017 Bit Awards for Best Mobile Game of the Year. This category recognizes games that deliver the best experience across all mobile platforms. For those who aren’t familiar, The Bit Awards celebrates games and the people who make them over the course of a year. Categories include: PC/Console Game of the Year, Mobile Game of the Year, Tabletop Game of the Year, Best Style (audio and/or visuals), Best XR Game (augmented, virtual, or mixed reality), Best Student Game, and the Player’s Choice Award. To be eligible, all games must have shown at a Playcrafting event in New York, Boston, and/or San Francisco. Words cant express how grateful we are to the community who supported us along our journey of developing Bouncy Smash. We’d love to see you at The Bit Awards Ceremony on December 15th in New York. Final winners will be announced at this event after a team of developers, industry professionals and press outside of the Playcrafting community have reviewed all the nominees. Here’s hoping we win! Bouncy Smash will be available on iOS devices in Q1 2018. Feel free to check us out at www.bouncysmash.com. Thanks for your support!
  8. I think this a great idea. Making game dev more accessible would allow a new range of voices to emerge from people who don't have the time or tools to dig into the complexity of game development on their own. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
  9. 2D software neutral book

    Thanks for sharing this resource! Looking forward to seeing what's there.
  10. Order of The Jarl

    I like the artwork! And I'm looking forward to trying out a story-driven running game.
  11. Most Important Aspects in a Video Game Storyboard

    This is such a neat find! Thanks for sharing. I tend to overthink the storyboarding process and include too much detail.
  12. Mobile Logical puzzle - Totem Spirits

    Awesome! Looking forward to it.
  13. Is this sprite anim ok?

    I agree. The illustration itself looks great, and I like the detail. It's just the frames not all being centered that causes it to look a bit jittery/lurchy in an upward motion. Other than that, it looks fantastic!
  14. Mobile Logical puzzle - Totem Spirits

    The puzzles look intriguing, and I love the artwork! I would totally get this, but no Android Coming to iOS anytime, soon?