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  1. George Birinyi

    I need a lessons

    Thank you very much
  2. George Birinyi

    I need a lessons

    I deleted non visible faces from all elements. Before 1.348 tri, after 1.168 tri. Can i use this faceless (3th picture) model on UNREAL ENGINE? (multiple elements)
  3. George Birinyi

    I need a lessons

    Thank you very much for the helpful help!
  4. George Birinyi

    I need a lessons

    Welcome everyone! Some questions have arisen, I would like to ask for your help. Modular video game modeling. My 1st question: I created the wall models, from multiple elements. Can i erase any non visible faces? (nonmanfold objects) can cause this problem? light calculation for example. My second question. isometric sci-fi tactical rpg I do not plan hostile hordes at one time. 5 - 10 enemy max. more polygon resources remain. I have a wall element that has 3k tri polygons that are 1.8k tri polygons, is not that too much? For Thx everyone and sry for english
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