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  1. PROJECT OVERVIEW: Beyond The Frontier is a open galaxy RPG set in an galaxy far far away. its a game i have envisioned for years!, The Game will be developed in Unreal Engine 4. in the game you will be able to be who YOU want to be, Fly Epic And Fast Ships, But Most Importantly, Go On Epic Quests! Become A Pirate, Kill The Pirates, Join Factions And Go On Epic Adventures Through The Galaxy! im currently in the middle of designing the game however i need concept artists for the gdd, then we will go from there eventually getting 3D Artists And Unreal Engine Programmers. Recruitment Details: - Concept Artists: responsibilities include creation and design of environments, Weapon Concepts And Ship Concepts. DEVELOPMENT PLAN: PHASE 1: Concept Art Planning Future Development + Brainstorming Game Design Document Completion PHASE 2: 3D Character Modelling +Environment And Prop Modelling And Texturing Basic First Person Set Up With All Player Character Features And Inventory And Quest Log. Early Marketing (For Kickstarter Or To Grow A Community) We Will Be Adding Phase 3 And 4 which Will Include Much More Questing Stuff. APPLY: email me at rioishere14@gmail.com
  2. 3D Artists And Unity Programmers For Doom Like Shooter Game:ROGUE Studio:Rebound Entertainment Current Team:3 Payment:Rev-Share Or Kickstarter Programming Requirements: - Must Know And Have Experience With Unity And Know C# - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 3D Artist Requirements: - Be Able To Model, Animate, Create 3D Monsters And Characters Or Rig (Must Have at least one of these) - Must Be Able To Spend 5 To 12 hours a week on the project - Must Be Older Than 15 Project Description: You are on the ESL (The Elementary Space Lab). You wake not knowing what has happened, you soon learn that a experimental AI Has gone rogue and created beasts and monsters to kill anything in its path. Now, you know what your mission is. If You Are Interested DM Me on discord at thathuman44#4207 or email me at oneriot3@gmail.com
  3. Hey All! We are a team of 7 looking for more members for our story based action adventure game! we are looking for: People who can do cutscenes and animation (Gameplay Animation and cutscenes) Unreal Engine 4.19 Programmers (MUST KNOW C++) Concept artists/Environment artists VFX Artists Logo/Ui Designers 3D Character Modellers (Who Can Also Rig) Orchestra Composer If interested please email liondude12@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. Hey all! we are a team of 7 looking for a game designer, im a game designer but need help as i am doing multiple things at once, the game is being developed in UE4. the game is a futuristic action adventure game where you play as a 21 year old female who has woken up in a simulation not knowing who or where she is, but when all is unfolding the simulation gets hacked leaving eveline with no choice but to escape before she is killed inside the simulation. we are also looking for other members aswell wether you be a animator a ue4 game developer or that just email me below. if interested email liondude12@gmail.com
  5. The Legends Gate Is A Open World RPG Where You Get To Create Your Own Unique Character And Explore A World Like No Other Ever Before. The Game Is Currently In Early Production And The Inbound Team Is Currently Looking For Team Members.
  6. MoreLion

    The Legends Gate:Battle Of Sorrugar

    Album for The Legends Gate:Battle Of Sorrugar
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