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  1. nilkun

    Lasers from Space!!!

    A retro-style action game written in C++ / SDL. For Linux.
  2. nilkun

    Promoting a new game!

    Great! Thank you! That was just the information I was looking for! I didn't know about the project pages...
  3. Hello everyone! First time posting in the forum. I've just completed my first game ever ( C++ / SDL ), and I am feeling utterly proud. It is a small game resembling Missile Command. The code is a mess, but it is my mess! In the process of making the game, I developed my own little game engine. My question is, where would be a good place to spread the news to at least get some people to try the game?
  4. nilkun

    Lasers from Space!!!

    Album for Lasers from Space!!!
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