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  1. nigelrob

    What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    Zero Horizon Dawn gets my vote also. Because of its amazing design and gameplay, it will make you feel like a real hunter.
  2. nigelrob

    Another Game Concept Critique

    I like the concept of the combat.
  3. nigelrob

    Why watching movies is a necessity for games

    To get some inspirations for the story/characters of your game.
  4. nigelrob

    Need feedback for project named NOWhere

    I kinda like the concept. Any update on your game?
  5. nigelrob

    Critique my portfolio

    I like it. The colors and texture are good.
  6. nigelrob

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    The second pic gets my vote also.
  7. nigelrob

    Character ideas for my fighting game

    The fighting skills of a samurai is a good idea also.
  8. nigelrob

    My Firts Game

    Tried running it on both Firefox and Chrome, but no luck.
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