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  1. Two choices are okay, for my taste as a gamer, if they are not strictly and obviously "black and white" and/or if there's certain occasional randomness (say, one option gives you an obvious result and the other option, compared to the first, might give you either a better or a worse result randomly).
  2. Hello guys, I am a novice freelance translator and a game development hobbyist. My native language is Russian and I'd like to find someone with an established project who would want it to be localized to this language. I'd do it for free, but my motivation behind this possible work is to fill my modest resume with something solid, so I am looking only for the projects which have reached their late alpha stage or are well beyond it. I am interested in both tiny games with a few strings and huge ones with complex plots heavy with in-game narration and dialogues. I have some hobbyist experience in creative writing, plotting and screenwriting, so if you need help or an additional creative (idea generating) mind to work on your plot, in-game quests, world-building or even gameplay related stuff, then I could also try that, keeping in mind that I am not a native English speaker and you would need to polish the English texts yourself. Depending on your needs and theme, I can produce a good quality Russian translation, which would be shorter than you get from an average Russian translator, yet precise and rich in vocabulary, with right grammar and styling, with outstanding punctuation typography*, natural in how it sounds and looks in the specific context. I have some experience as a programmer (C++ and JavaScript), so am not afraid of raw files, such as XML or some form of a script. Computer games have been my passion for a long time, I've played a lot at my time, done things such as roleplay and clan building. These days, of course, growing older, dealing with job and girlfriend, I play games very little. You could call me an old-school guy, because I prefer either games from the '90s and early '00s, or indie ones. Science fiction, everything space-related and strategy games are what I like most as a gamer. Here are some examples of my translation and textual works: 1) A browser-based MMO game in a medieval setting (EN to RU, 2012): (done a few years ago, so a bit outdated now) Language file 1: Language file 2: 2) An interview with a Hong Kong action movie star (EN audio to EN text to RU text, 2016): English transcription: Russian translation: 3) Sid Meier's lecture on game design (EN audio to EN text to RU text, 2016): English (excerpt): Russian (excerpt): 4) A presentation about digital signage in Domodedovo airport (RU to EN, 2016): Russian: English: 5) Some game design documents in Russian: 6) A short movie script for a contest in English: 7) Some short stories in Russian: (excerpt) If you're interested, please, message me here in PM or using these: Thank you for looking through this long post! Aleksey B.