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  1. The concept of a multiple choice game.

    I would say, from a high level programming perspective, the "easiest" way to allow a variety of choices would be basically a dictionary of all the choices in the game, with the player's response recorded. You'd want to write a log for yourself to reference what each choice / option was, and then at various other points in the game you could simply pull up the choice they made in the past to handle any decision logic. So for example, part way through the game you meet a guy in a dark alley. You met him earlier in the game. If(playerChoices->WasMeanToGuy == true){ shankPlayerInRibs(); } else{ sayHi(); } The feasibility of this obviously depends on the length of the game/number of choices, and the depth you want those choices to have.
  2. Pool manager for Unity3d

    sweet I'll try this out soon and let you know how it goes, I've always needed one but never spent much time getting into it because my games have yet to reach that far in development lol
  3. Designing the optimum skilltree system

    I think the standard design for most skilltrees is that you need to unlock prerequisite skills to progress through the tree, so that prevents hoarding points. Maybe I'm not following your question so correct me if I'm missing the point, but I think most modern games with skilltrees use this idea. Payday 2 is probably the last game I remember playing that uses this.
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