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  1. Deadolls is a horror-themed action puzzle game for Android where you must poke the eyes out of evil dolls before time runs out. Video of gameplay here: Free to play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.candlegames.deadolls&
  2. Grubout

    What would you change about my main scene ?

    Better interface. Let's see if a drop shadow on the demon pops it out more.
  3. Grubout

    Need Help Choosing Art Style

    Bottom looks more polished, but you should put a character in to see how well it integrates into the background.
  4. Grubout

    What would you change about my main scene ?

    User interface is very busy and might be simplified if possible. Every visual element should represent the tone of the game. Blue colors seem too calming for the subject matter. Wall background is too plain (flames?).
  5. Grubout

    Criticize my 3D game models

    I'd increase the size of the front fish flippers for visual clarity.
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